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From the hot story The 520i, to the much talked about short story When Dogs Bark, and the award winning Cheeseburger--this book will keep you turning the pages. When Dogs Bark 2 is an exciting reprint of the original When Dogs Bark by Charles W. Harvey in ebook and soft cover formats. We didn’t just change the cover. The new When Dogs Bark 2 has new stories and new poetry to make you go “hmm.”  

If you thought BARK was hot, BARK 2 is even hotter. It is suggested that you only read it in air conditioned rooms. Why do women cry like saxophones? Why should women buy this book? Perhaps for no other reason than to learn why they cry like saxophones or to read How I Got Over a poem bruising with fierce revenge. And there’s Promise’s diary entry to her childhood friend Lakeisha Ann reminiscing over that rainy day when they played “husband” and “wife” under the kitchen table. But ladies after you finish reading WHEN DOGS BARK 2 turn it over to your male soul mates, your gay brothers, uncles, or that boy in the office. 
Brothers, this is your book. It should be rated R for the Real and mature readers who want to have something to pour tea over. Cruising in the Name of Love is not your church play. But Donny is all about real love in his monologue as he cruises in the mall. Perform it if you dare in your church basements or clubs. His message is universal. 

The cover will delight your eyes and light up your ebook reading devices. But the words will stay in your hearts. Read what others have said: 

Charles Harvey is always interesting, fun, funny and provocative. He always a good read from beginning to end. I am proud to say that I have plagiarized some of my best lines from him. I can not wait for some new material.  
James V. Thomas, Scenic Designer 

"When dogs bark, they simply surrender to the inevitability of their natures. Charles Harvey understands, even in form, that humanity too, is broken-- these line and stanza breaks parallel the places where people struggle to put themselves back together again. Reading him, I am always confronted with how crude, if true, we too surrender to the inevitability of our natures: like the poetry in these pages, we breathe, we break, we breathe again. - Tim'm T. West, author of Red Dirt Revival, BARE, & Flirting

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August 15
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