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The concept for the book came about because of the very real, very important needs that the authors' female coaching clients repeatedly expressed. Year-after-year, the authors have heard women’s frustrations as they struggle with the countless roles and duties that are routinely placed upon them.

It is hardly news that, despite the feminine “revolution” that began in the 1970’s, the majority of women have not found the enjoyment, lifestyle or satisfaction they once imagined. The reason they attribute to their problem is that they have taken on too much!

But, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Career women, in particular, have come to believe it is their lot in life to be running on 8-cylinders day in and day out.

Women are dancing to a frenzied beat, believing just because they can, they think they should. They have been taught if they are capable of doing something it shouldn’t be necessary to look for help. This has led women to become frustrated by experiencing long days and nightmarish schedules. Women are exhausted.

In this inspiring book you’ll discover why gender continues to be an issue and how the multitude of expectations placed upon women have created a generation of exhausted and weary women who are not getting the life they want.

This book deserves to be read by all women who strive to achieve fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. In the book, the authors deftly examine the reasons behind why so many articulate and well-educated women today feel overwhelmed and underappreciated.

Highly effective people know that the most important and intimidating work we do is “inner work”. Knowing who you are, what you want and why you want it are all important steps in your personal and professional journey. The book provides numerous easy-to-relate-to examples with actionable recommendations.

This self-coaching guide helps you explore your natural talents, focus on what you do best and how to manage your stress and default behaviors. You can benefit from getting a better understanding of how your personality impacts others and how, too often, we “get what we tolerate.” There is no longer need for you to self-sabotage or embrace limiting behaviors. You can also challenge yourself to change some of your outdated beliefs. It is not all that difficult.

Let's be clear, this book isn't just for the dissatisfied. It is a prescription for identifying the aspects of your life that make you unique, without which, you may never be able to understand why you behave or react the way you do.

As you embrace the concepts in the book and become a more effective leader, you’ll learn how you can negotiate what you want and fine tune your time management skills.

Since each of us has been given the gift of choice and the power to act, you are encouraged to take the time to determine your passions, purpose, and priorities in order to achieve the fulfilling life you want.

July 27
John Agno
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