When God Redefines the Possible

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Publisher Description

It's time for an exciting adventure. For more than a half century John Ed Mathison has been helping Christians and non-believers around the world see how God has a way of redefining the possible. 

In When God Redefines The Possible, John Ed takes readers through 52 examples of God redefining what previously was thought to be impossible. Included in this book for iPad are more than 20 videos helping add to the stories in a way that only John Ed can do.  

From commending Spencer West, who in 2009 climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa without any legs, to being ready when God opens a doorway, to using selective deafness, John Ed reminds us all in this inspiring work that his God is so big and so mighty and "there's nothing that my God cannot do."  

With social media components built into the formatting, this book is designed for personal study and refection and can be used in small groups, Sunday School classes and even across churches around the world. 

Are you attending a dirt road church in an Interstate world?  Do you have a Gutenberg mentality when we live in a Google reality?  John Ed asks probing questions in each chapter trying to stimulate thought and conversation while providing great examples as to the power of what happens when God decides to redefine the possible. 

Just as John Ed took a small church in Montgomery, Alabama years ago from a membership of 400 to one of more than 8,800, you can join him in this new use of technology to help God redefine the possible.

    Religion & Spirituality
    May 28
    Claxton Creative, LLC
    John Ed Mathison

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