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When God whispers, the wise listen. In this short story, a busy husband and father fails to heed the quiet voice of the Lord. In doing so, he experiences the loving admonition of God whispering loudly. 2750 words

Fiction & Literature
December 22
Chris M. Hibbard
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Emily Del Grosso ,

Eye opening

About a week ago I was in a bad car accident. We had been t-boned on the drivers seat of our car and both cars were totaled. I remember everything, never shut my eyes for a second, but I was overfilled with peace and calmness from the Lord. During my recovery I tried to understand why this had happened to me at the time it did. I am young, not even graduated from high school, and times can get very tough. In society at this time there is so much pressure to do things that do not align with Christ's beliefs. I was on the brink of joining in. I realized that this accident was my loudest whisper thus far. It was a miracle that me and my mother and friend had made it out so unharmed or even out at all...The lord showed me in my most needed time that I have only one life to live and that in a second it could be all over. I need to use my time to live for God and not for others. Reading this story really confirmed my thoughts. Seeing the second chance that the man in the book was given is a strong reminder that I should be grateful for my outcome and that I should live according to Gods word and not societies. Since then I have abandoned my bad roots and have become more involved in my church and closer with my blood family and church family. Although I experienced my loudest whisper in a dangerous wreck, this could be yours. Never take a day for granted and thank the Lord every morning and night for everything he has done for you. ✝️❤️

da beasttttttmode ,


This book helped me understand god is always here to help me and that he’s trying to help and we’re being to ignorant to here god sacrificed his son’s LIFE for us I think we should at least sacrifice our TIME for him.

Anyssa Manley ♥️ ,

God Whispers

Love this book!! It’s a reminder to always listen to God! God will always show you and answer you!. Please read it’s short but so powerful ♥️

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