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When I Get Big

“When I Get Big” is a story about Little Big Bear. A young bear who is eager to grow up, and finds himself in trouble while adventuring away from home. Little Big Bear encounters many creatures in the wild. Among these animals are a butterfly, bees, a frog and a badger that will teach him a valuable lesson. This story ends with a moral, which teaches children that being who they are is ok. “When I get Big” will not only entertain, but will help children understand a life lesson.

I Know a Cat and He Is Up to Something

This story is about a cat, mouse, a dog, and a mysterious narrator. The reader must find out why the dog is so upset and why the cat and mouse are running around in the kitchen. This book is suitable for all ages. Adults will have fun reading to their children over and over again.

-Fun, vibrant, and silly illustrations on every page.

-Amusing rhythm and Rhymes tell the story

-The five senses:  hearing, sight, touch, smell, and taste are written or visually illustrated.

-Surprising and unexpected ending. Don't forget to turn the page after the ending.

Mr. Nick's Mustache

Mr. Nick is proud of his very large mustache, but one day he loses it. Find out how Mr. Nick and his clumsy cat try to regain the mustache he once had. This story is hilarious and full of vibrant illustrations on all pages. Your children will laugh, giggle, and smile as you read it over and over again.

No One Likes Platypus Jr.

It’s Platypus Jr.’s First day of school and the other animals find him very different and awkward. The other animals do not want to talk or play with him until one day he does something extraordinary.

Count to 10 with Swamp Creatures

Counting to 10 with Swamp Creatures is a counting book with many animals to help your child learn their numbers from 1-10. Count with frogs, bees, butterflies, raccoons, and more. 

-A fun way to learn numbers

-A quick read before bedtime

-A book to read over and over again

May 24
Sean Q. Johnson
Sean Q. Johnson

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