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Marcy McKay offers something we all need right now - hope.

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, disrupted sleep, foggy brain, loss of time, the inability to focus since COVID-19 upended the world – it’s not your imagination. Your physical aches and pains are real, too. Maybe you’ve suffered low-grade to full-blown depression. Bad behaviors might have helped you cope, like overeating or no appetite at all, overdrinking, hours of binge-watching TV or scrolling through social media. This doesn’t include possible tensions with family, friends and strangers over masks, politics, protests and much more. There is a scientific reason and root cause behind your stress, anxieties and behaviors, but it’s not what you think. The answers are connected to the past.

Your past.

Marcy McKay explains what’s happening to you in everyday language, sharing what she learned after her family experienced a house fire in 2017. With free downloadable worksheets, exercises and assignments – connect the dots to the true source of your problems. Create an action plan for a brighter tomorrow, even during a global pandemic … because life shouldn’t feel like a house fire.

“I read this book all in one sitting. Informative … funny. I loved this, and think you will, too.” – Melissa Hallmark Kerr, PhD, co-founder of Brain Savvy

“Marcy has gracefully personalized and documented the importance in taking care of the mind-body connection, as well as how our life’s experience plays into stress, trauma and anxiety.” – Erin K. Bishop, MA, A Breath of Wellness

"When Life Feels Like a House Fire is current and useful as we navigate our new normal. A great resource and an easy read." – Terry Bentley Hill, attorney and founder, #StopMindingYourOwnBusiness

Health, Mind & Body
October 21
SkipJack Publishing
Marcy McKay

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