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Mediumship can be one of the most rewarding gifts that someone can possess. The look of joy on a bereaved person’s face when they have received even the shortest message from their loved one is one of the best sights that you will ever behold. The immense feeling of satisfaction that a Medium gains from helping someone realise that death is not final; the comprehension that our loved ones’ live on in our hearts and minds, that their ‘energy’ or ‘life essence’ is constantly around us, is one of the most beautiful things a Medium will ever experience.

The effort that you, as a Medium, put into discovering how to give these messages to the best of your ability will reflect in your work. This book is intended to help guide you through the learning process.

Many times I have been asked "Can anyone become Psychic?" The answer to this is very simple. Everyone is born with Psychic abilities (a sixth sense); think of babies in the crib looking at some ' unseen’ being and laughing and gurgling at them. Think of a child with his/her imaginary friend or those many ‘weird’ co-incidences.

One of the main problems we encounter is how we can keep these abilities in a useable and workable state throughout our lives whilst trying to juggle life’s commitments. This is an extremely tough, and for some impossible, task. This is why many people develop their abilities later in life.

This is a step by step beginners guide to psychic and mediumship self development

which I started writing after being asked if I could teach people Psychic development via email. This book explains what psychic ability and mediumship is about and takes the beginner through various steps and exercises to help them develop the skills needed to become proficient and responsible Psychics and Mediums. I hope that by following my guidelines Mediumship will become an enjoyable and problem free journey for all those that embark on it. As well as covering all aspects of spiritual development I also include the legal aspects associated with working as a psychic or medium.

The book has been produced with as little emphasis on any particular religion as possible. Any references or terminologies that appear to implicate a particular deity or religion are purely there to substantiate the average person’s understanding of this particular type of development.

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January 24
Brenda Diskin Ph.D, M.Msc
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