The Wagers of Sin

When the Marquess Was Mine

The Wagers of Sin

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Publisher Description

In the game of love…

Georgiana Lucas despises the arrogant and cruel Marquess of Westmorland even before learning that he’s won the deed to her friend Kitty’s home in a card game. Still, Georgiana assures Kitty the marquess wouldn’t possibly come all the way to Derbyshire to throw them out—until he shows up, bloody and unconscious. Fearing that Kitty would rather see him die, Georgiana blurts out that he’s her fiancé. She’ll nurse the hateful man back to health and make him vow to leave and never return. The man who wakes up, though, is nothing like the heartless rogue Georgiana thought she knew…

You have to risk it all

He wakes up with no memory of being assaulted—or of who he is. The bewitching beauty tending him so devotedly calls him Rob and claims she’s his fiancée even as she avoids his touch. Though he can’t remember how he won her hand, he’s now determined to win her heart. But as his memory returns and the truth is revealed, Rob must decide if the game is up—or if he’ll take a chance on a love that defies all odds.

September 24

Customer Reviews

dspurplehaze610 ,

A favorite 😍

Love this story

Ca131313 ,

Sweet and fun

This was such a fun book, sweet and funny. I loved Georgiana and how she isn't the quickest thinker, how she can make mistakes but tries to fix them without making anything worse. She is sweet and loving to her friend, her fiancé, and to Rob. Rob, on the other hand, is willing to consider that he may not have been then best person, and is willing to reconsider his life.

I also loved that this story was sweet first, not steamy - but not sugary. Linden did a great job building relationships and personalities in this book and I enjoyed watching that unfold throughout the story. I also enjoyed seeing the family relationships and friendships, and seeing old characters again.

I would have enjoyed a longer ending, I felt things wound up a little quickly, and there were a few things that could've used more time. It didn't detract from the book in general, but could have made it even stronger.

Overall highly recommended!

I was provided with an ARC of this book in return for my honest and unbiased review.

Peg1951 ,

A Winning Hand

During a drunken card game Robert Churchill-Grey win the deed to Sir Charles Winston’s house. Winston is an idiot who shouldn’t be gambling to begin with, but he insists on his participation and the bet. Rob doesn’t even remember winning the deed and doesn’t want the house. On his way to set things straight and return the deed to Winston’s wife, he is beaten and left for dead. Lady Georgiana Lucas, a friend of Winston’s wife, Kitty, rescues him and recognizes him as the “Malicious Marquess.” Since Winston has spun a tale painting Rob as the villain in this tale, Georgiana is afraid Kitty won’t let him in the house and lies about his identity, even to him when he awakens with amnesia. The story? He is her fiancé. All goes well, and they are getting to know each other (sort of) until Rob’s brother shows up. Now what happens? To Rob and Georgiana? To the house?

The third installment in the Wagers of Sin series is an interesting story with a lot of humor, a bit of intrigue, and a love story that needs a little untangling. At the beginning, Rob, who is the Marquess of Westmoreland, is the typical society rake, wealthy and self-centered, arrogant and rude. He is much nicer when he can’t remember who he is. When he regains his memory, he likes the new him. Lady Georgiana Lucas is an orphan who was sent away to school by her hateful half-brother when she was very young. She is a beautiful, intelligent, and caring person. At first glance, it’s hard to see how these two could ever fit together, but things, and people, change. I like the way Sophie, the Duchess of Ware, advises and encourages Georgiana. Rob’s brother Tom is awesome. A soldier, a fighter, a great brother, and a huge annoyance, he definitely has Rob’s back. There’s a little excitement at the Vega Club near the end of the story, and Nick Dashwood, the club’s owner, steps in to keep things from getting out of hand (hehe). I am really enjoying this series. I look forward to what comes next. Maybe Tom or Dashwood?

I received an ARC of this book from the author and publisher via Edelweiss. My review is voluntary.

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