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The third installment in Kate Atkinson's wildly beloved series of Jackson Brodie Mysteries: a complex tale of murder, coincidence, and connected lives.

As a reader, I was charmed. As a novelist, I was staggered by Kate Atkinson's narrative wizardry." --Stephen King

On a hot summer day, Joanna Mason's family slowly wanders home along a country lane. A moment later, Joanna's life is changed forever...

On a dark night thirty years later, ex-detective Jackson Brodie finds himself on a train that is both crowded and late. Lost in his thoughts, he suddenly hears a shocking sound...

At the end of a long day, 16-year-old Reggie is looking forward to watching a little TV. Then a terrifying noise shatters her peaceful evening. Luckily, Reggie makes it a point to be prepared for an emergency...

These three lives come together in unexpected and deeply thrilling ways in the latest novel from Kate Atkinson, the critically acclaimed author who Harlan Coben calls "an absolute must-read."

Mysteries & Thrillers
September 24
Little, Brown and Company
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

aptmgr ,

Good read

Some was a bit hard for me to translate, give my lack of understanding of the culture & geography, but it was a great story with solid characters.

Abby No Ka Oi ,

When will there be good news

Excellent read

VG4711 ,

When Will There Be Good News?

Thirty years ago a young mother and her three young children are walking home with the family dog in Devon, a rural area of Scotland. A random stranger armed with a knife approaches, kills the mom, the 8 year old daughter, the baby and the dog. Only 6 year old Joanna escapes, running into the wheat field at her wounded mother's urging.

Thirty years later a plucky 16 year old, Reggie Chase, talks her way into a baby sitting job for the one year old son of Dr. Joanna Hunter. Reggie is smart, but from a dismal family situation.

Around the same time former police officer Jackson Brodie gets on a crowded train, intending to return to London. He has, however mistakenly hopped on the train going the opposite direction. The three story lines come together when that train collides with a car on the track as it passes through Edinburgh.

Author Kate Atkinson is brilliant at fleshing out the details of the lives of her myriad cast of characters. The issue becomes not so much Who Killed Who, but how the various characters will deal with the circumstances they have been handed.

Several of the characters seem to have a literary bent, frequently recalling bits of poetry or literature that comes to their minds as the story unfolds. The plot has several interesting story lines and some surprising twists and turns toward the end of the book.

Quite the satisfying read and I am eager to enjoy more from Ms. Atkinson as the opportunities arise!

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