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Before my husband Ethan died, he wrote me a letter.

For three years, it’s sat unopened in my bedside table... waiting. 

As a widow and a single mother, I’d made peace with a quiet life. 

After all, I lost the love of my life. No one could ever replace him.  

But then, I met Dr. Logan Matthews and everything changed. 

He appeared like a white knight, caring for my injured daughter as he slowly mended the pieces of my broken heart. 

The letter Ethan left me has three words written on the envelope, When You’re Ready.

So, I guess the question is...

Was I ready... to love again?

July 18
JL Berg, LLC

Customer Reviews

TGC91810 ,

Really sweet read

Clare is a young widow, raising her four year old daughter Maddie, after she lost her husband to cancer three years prior. After an accident, Clare meets Logan when he comes to treat Maddie in the emergency room. Although they feel an instant connection, neither of them pursue it further. Logan is infamous because of his family connections and a public divorce and feels like he is incapable of feeling love, so he drowns himself in partying and one night stands. After another chance meeting, they both decide they owe it to themselves and each other to see where this leads.

This is a really sweet read. After reading other books that cover this subject matter, I couldn’t have been more pleased with how the author tackles this novel. While Clare isn’t sure and is a little gun shy about starting something new, she doesn’t fight the feelings she has for Logan. Logan knows Clare is something special from the get go. This isn’t an angsty read full of doubts and fighting the inevitable. Logan and Clare both care deeply for each other and never hide that or take each other for granted, which is what I was expecting from the blurb. In fact, I found myself smiling throughout the entire book. Logan and Clare were both just so lovely and they both knew how to be there for each and be what the other needed in the moment and long term.

Highly recommend! I will definitely be coming back to this author for more.

BusDriven Mom ,


This was a wonderful emotional book. I laughed, cried , just couldn't put it down till I was finished I definitely recommend reading

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