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Life seems hell-bent on crushing Eva Chapman, starting with the tragic loss of her brother, for which she is solely to blame, to the unfortunate turn of events that landed her where she is now: on her knees, hiding behind the counter at a hole-in-the-wall bookstore in a small town in the middle of nowhere, hiding from the local police. This was not the life she’d imagined for herself. And no amount of imagination or self-destructive behavior can ease this pain. Running is all she has now. 

Fresh out of grad school, a psych degree in hand, Rafe is manning the local coffee shop/bookstore in his hometown of Pride. He has never felt more adrift and confused. The truth is, he’d never really thought this far ahead, and until his sister returns from her post-second-divorce-meltdown vacation, this will have to do. But can he survive the boredom? He does enjoy the relaxing tourist vibe and the routine influx of interesting local eccentrics every day, but it is the gorgeous hot mess that just dove over his counter that really caught his attention!

May 7
Grayton Press
Idealist LLC

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xiotisa00 ,

Another great book

Another great book by Jill Sanders! This one might be my favorite of the series. Eva Chapman has been on the run for almost a year since she lost her younger brother. She usually sticks to larger cities so that she can blend in and be ignored, that is until she finds herself hiding from the police in a Pride, Oregon bookstore. Rafe has just graduated grad school with a psych degree and is running his younger sisters book store, she left it in his hands after another failed marriage. He is well and truly bored until a woman jumps over his counter and hides behind it.

Rafe and Eva are so great together. Rafe sees that Eva needs help and offers it to her for nothing more than her honesty Rafe helps Eva work through her issues to help her move forward from her brothers death and her self imposed isolation.

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