Where the Action Was Where the Action Was

Where the Action Was

On the Inside of the Evolution of Rock n Roll

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To summarize this story, it tells a story of an individual whostarted out in 1960 in rock n roll and took it all the way in hisfield, to the top, and became the most famous road manager in theUnited States of the time. I was in trade magazines, on TV showsand received fan mail. It got to the point where I had to deal withmy fans and their mania wherever I went, like the rock stars Iworked with. The only other road manager at the time that was inthis category was Malcolm Evans, who worked for the Beatles. PaulRevere had told me I was even like a sixth Raider. Here I was, a kidfrom Olympia, and now in Hollywood living the fast lane with theafter burner on, and the G forces pushing my skin back on my face.The jet pilots are not the only ones that do that. I lived it.From band boy, to roadie, to road manager, tour manger, andbody guard. It tells the true-life story of groups starting out, andthe excitement of making it all the way to the top. And I was theonly one that went everywhere the band did, having the sameexperiences. The changes in the way we tour on the ground and inthe air, changes in sound equipment, show productions, TV shows,touring, recording, business and instruments. It tells of the fun, thehard work, the excitement, the danger and the responsibility oftouring. I would go up against anybody in history that thinks theysaw a lot of rock n roll bands in that time. I literally saw thousandsand thousands. No one else alive can tell this story but me, becauseof the unique position I was in at the time. After 18 years on the roadworking with top American and top British groups, and having thebusiness almost kill me a few times, I definitely have a very uniqueone of a kind story to tell. I have played Madison Square Garden's, Yankee Stadium, Dick Clark Caravan Star Tours, USO Tours, Collegetours, promotional tours, and other Country tours. I have done it all.Keep in mind that out of the entire population of the United States,25% are baby boomers. And they were teenyboppers at that time.Looking back, I have no regrets except for one:THE ROCK N ROLL EVOLUTIONWILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.I was right in the middle of it! There were no set standards orproven ways until we blazed a trail into the new world of Rock nRoll.

EBook coming soon in February 23, 2011

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Sleever55 ,

Where the action was

Great story felt like I was there

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