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Secrets. Lies. And a second chance at love…

Torn from the only man she’d ever loved by a tragic secret, Mara Miller has traveled a long and difficult road. From poverty and the workhouses, she’s finally made a life for herself as the owner of a small haberdashery in London. With her companion, Big B, an African slave she’d helped escape from a Brazilian slaver, she’s made a fresh start. But when the past walks into her shop—in the form of the ever-handsome Roarke Garrott, Viscount Eversleigh—Mara feels her whole world crash to her feet. Thrust back into a web of lies, deceit, and manipulation, Mara is forced to face the one man she’d sworn to forget.

For the past seven years, Roarke had sequestered himself in India to mourn Mara's death. Vowing to move on and put the past behind him, he returns to London, only to find himself gazing into those beautiful green eyes he believed he’d never see again. Now he’s found her—alive and trying to deny who she was. A million feelings wash over him. Joy. Fury. Heartbreak. He would have the truth from her—of where she’d gone, and why—but when trouble from the past finds Mara and Big B, the truth becomes secondary to saving Mara’s life. After just learning that the woman he’d loved is alive, Roarke is not about to lose her again…

June 16
Etopia Press
Wolf Hill Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

lfdykes ,

Lost Love

This is a story of two people lost to each other but then reunited again. Not a happy reunion to be sure since one thought the other dead. Mara Miller was a working girl, who had accomplished more in her life than she ever thought by owning a haberdashery in London. Having fled from a horrible time, she tried to put the past behind. But as the past has a way or rearing it's head, Roake Garrott, Viscount Eversleigh, walks into Mara's shop one day. Roarke had thought Mara dead and had finally tried to move on with his life. The shock for them both turned their world upside down and thus began their journey. This is a story of heartbreak, lost love, secrets held and a search for the truth before the past comes crashing down. You will be caught up in this story, hoping that the two can find each other again and holding your breath until the end. This is a great second book in the Ways of Love Series can but be read as a standalone. Tabetha Waite will be a name to watch for in the future!

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