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Whips and Chains: A Secret Desire for Lesbian Domination

Veronica has a guilty secret – and it’s not that she has a sweet tooth. Well, she does, but she’s also into lezdom porn (lesbian domination). When she sneaks into an adult shop looking to score, she finds the store specializes in a lot more than videos. They carry whips, chains, gags, and hot lesbian dominatrices too. When her boyfriend, Derrick, finds Veronica preparing to eat pussy instead of cupcakes, she is in no condition to explain what’s going on. Will he join in the fun or go home fuming?

Warning: This ebook contains very graphic depictions of sexual activity during lesbian domination sex encounter.  It includes oral sex, deep throat, lesbian domination, lesbian bondage sex, BD/SM, threesome bondage sex, and first time anal sex,.  It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by explicit descriptions of sex acts between consenting adults.

Here is a preview:

“What do you think?” Kara asked.

Veronica swallowed, hard. “I think I’d like to try the rubber one,” she said. Kara replaced the leather flogger and took down a rubber one. She swung harder this time and delivered a solid blow to Veronica’s other thigh. Veronica planted herself firmly, but still winced.

Kara placed a second blow, higher on Veronica’s thigh. “Would you like to try the whips?” she asked. Her voice sounded husky now.

“Yes, please,” Veronica said, amazed at her brazenness. She could feel her sexual juices flowing, the electric pulsing in her pussy. She wasn’t sure whether to be embarrassed or excited. Was this just a sales tactic or was Kara excited too?

Kara brought the miniature bullwhip down across Veronica’s thighs, lightly at first; almost dragging it, then sent a second and third stroke flying harder, higher. Veronica danced at the stinging blows. When the whip landed across her ass, she felt it through her skirt, and gasped.

Then she felt Kara’s soft hand caress her thigh.

“Is this okay?” Kara asked softly, and slowly, Veronica nodded. The touch soothed her flesh and sent a shiver down her spine. She felt herself melt into Kara’s hand.

“I think you’ll love this one,” Kara said, and reached for a whip with a single wide tail that narrowed into a wicked point. “It’s called the Serpent’s Kiss.” Veronica felt the whisper of the woman’s breath on her ear and caught the hint of her perfume as she uttered the last words. “But,” Kara continued, even softer, “It doesn’t quite feel right unless you try it on bare skin.”

Veronica felt Kara’s fingers on the hem of her skirt. Kara tugged softly upwards.

“May I?” she asked.

Veronica swallowed. What am I doing? She asked herself, and nodded. “Yes,” she whispered.

Kara lifted Veronica’s skirt, inch by inch, above her waist, revealing the curves of her hips and ass and the lines of her lace thong. She ran one soft, warm hand over Veronica’s skin, and Veronica sighed.

The first stroke, again, was a light lick of leather on flesh. The second, a firm kiss. The third, a lashing. Veronica allowed her body to melt into the strokes, and when the fire began, Kara’s hand was on her body again, soothing it away.

Then, Kara slipped her hand between Veronica’s legs and felt the wetness there. Veronica couldn’t stop the moan that escaped her lips at the feel of Kara’s hand on her tender pussy.

“Mmm, I think you liked that one. Come with me.” Kara grasped Veronica’s hand, lifted a pair of cuffs and a gag from the nearby display and pulled Veronica behind her as she headed to the rear of the store.

Veronica had no choice but to follow.

oral sex, deep throat, lesbian domination, lesbian bondage sex, BDSM, threesome bondage sex, first time anal sex

Fiction & Literature
August 24
DigiSmith Press
Steven Smith

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