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He's a high dollar ex-military private security contractor. She's an crafty calculating cold-hearted industrial spy. They have a history, and now she's back to break his heart all over again. After she f***s him senseless, of course.This gun metal sleek, phosphorous round hot 4480 word story features our beautiful spy villain using her little black box (not a pun) to completely immobolize our hunky hero, denying him climax again and again, torturing him with sex until she gets what she wants. Here's an excerpt:“I don’t have any code, Bridget.”She frowned at him and pressed one of her little buttons again and he couldn’t talk any more. He was paralyzed again.She sighed.“I don’t want to hurt you, Tim. We go too far back for that. But I can think of… other ways of getting you to talk.”She smiled and stepped closer to him, close enough her body was touching his. Her large soft breasts penned in behind that latex pushing up against his chest. She looked up at him, her eyes enormous and dark. He’d lost himself in those eyes too many times to remember. And had regretted it each and every time.Her hand traced its way down his stomach to the front of his pants and gave him a squeeze. There was no reaction.“Oh. Mr Happy is Mr Floppy today, I think. What’s the matter, Tim, you don’t like me,” she giggled at him. “Aha! I know!”She pressed a button on her little black box and suddenly he was rock hard.“My little toy was preventing my big strong Tim from responding. He does still want me after all.”She unzipped his pants and took him out, stroking him slowly, squeezing him gently.“I wonder how much he can take.”She blinked slowly, seductively and knelt down in front of him.

Fiction & Literature
July 12
Anya Asarovna
Smashwords, Inc.

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