Whispering Pines Whispering Pines
Book 1 - Gift of Whispering Pines

Whispering Pines

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Welcome to Whispering Pines, a quaint resort on the serene shores in Minnesota lake country, and a heartwarming saga that beautifully weaves together the complexities of modern family life with the unexpected gifts of midlife reinvention.

Two weeks ahead of Christmas, a jarring layoff from a twenty-year career sends single mother Renee Clements back to life's crossroads. She's been here before. Reluctant but resilient, she prepares to dive into the job hunt. Or is it finally time to focus on her own dreams instead of building someone else's? While the idea is tempting, she's still responsible for raising two teenagers.

Frustrated, Renee pushes pause. She'll wait until after the holidays to make any life-altering decisions. A serendipitous trip to Fiji and a chance encounter with a handsome stranger offers a glimmer of romance, but now isn't the time to add yet another complication to her already messy world.

Could the final bequest by her dear Aunt Celia provide the answers? The opportunity to reopen Whispering Pines, a charming and historic lake resort, beckons her to a path less traveled. It's not just a potential business venture; it's a legacy passed down to her, a gift wrapped in memories and possibilities.

Torn between a longing to recreate the idyllic childhood summers she spent at her aunt's resort and facing the challenges of her current reality, Renee will have to choose. Perhaps, along the way, she'll discover more than she ever expected.

Whispering Pines, book one in Kimberly Diede's Gift of Whispering Pines series, explores the depths of motherhood, the courage required to navigate and embrace change, and the unbreakable ties of family.

If you enjoy books by Fiona Baker, Hope Halloway, or Rebecca Regnier then give yourself the gift of this series.

The Gift of Whispering Pines Series

Escape to Whispering Pines with this unforgettable family. They'll come together to learn how to heal and thrive, despite the inevitable wounds that life delivers. Join siblings Renee, Jess, Ethan, and Val as they struggle to make the most of the legacy entrusted to them. Each chapter is a testament to love, resilience, and new beginnings. If you enjoy a family saga filled with unanticipated twists, second chances, and the many gifts life offers, you'll delight in your visit to Whispering Pines!

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September 15
Kimberly Diede
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Customer Reviews

Putzie75 ,

Renee’s midlife crisis

I liked Renee immediately and loved that she was a mature, intelligent woman. I also liked the other characters in the novel; but I thought the book was too long.
There was too much detail about the remodeling of the property. And I would have liked more about the family dynamic instead, including more about aunt Cecile. And does every author have to have steamy sex scenes to hold the reader’s attention?
I would like to read another book about this feisty woman, and will recommend it to my book club.

puppies are sooo cute ,

Idyllic feel good read

I enjoyed reading this, it was the sort of book that engages you but doesn’t stress you out. It’s very tidy , with neat , satisfactory endings. Delightfully predictable and easy to follow. First book I’ve finished in years, very grateful for the style of writing, moves at an even pace, perfect for me. I would suspect busy moms would love this !

pri364 ,

such long chapters.

The story started so slow. The suspense didn’t start until by the end of the book already. And I’m not sure how to feel about the romance story of this book. I gave it two stars and not one because some of the suspense parts were actually jaw dropping.

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