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Geek Girls Rule

My name is Angel Sinclair. I’m the youngest senior at Excalibur Academy for the Technologically Gifted and Talented in Washington, DC. I was pushed ahead a year because of my high IQ and considerable prowess behind the keyboard, making me an outcast even among my own peers.

I’ve been looking for my dad all my life. A brilliant mathematician and cryptographer, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances when I was eighteen months old. Although my mom tells me I must put him in my past, it only makes me more determined to find out what happened to him. When weird accidents start happening at my school and the vice principal is involved in a deadly incident, I don’t see it as a coincidence. After launching my own investigation, with the aid of an unexpected set of allies calling themselves the White Knights, I discover a threat far greater than I ever could have imagined.

I could take my discoveries to the authorities, but my own investigative methods would be at risk. Can anyone say hacking? No, it’s up to me to set things right. My objectives are straightforward: clear the name of the vice principal, learn the truth about my father, and stay alive. In other words, save the day and try not to look too much like a dork while doing it.

Young Adult
December 11
True Airspeed Press
Julie Moffett

Customer Reviews

IAGram ,

Great start to a new series!

White Knights by Julie Moffett is the first book in her new series White Knights. It’s a spin off from the Lexi Carmichael books so both she and Slash make an appearance.
Angel Sinclair is just your normal 16 year old high school senior trying to survive her senior year. Well, she does have super crazy computer skills and is taking college classes and interns with Lexi Carmichael and skipped a grade. Wally is a senior with super crazy computer skills, interns with Lexi Carmichael, and is old enough to have a driver’s license and a car. Frankie is also a senior, new to the school, super crazy with graphics, and has become Angel’s best friend. Even though Angel doesn’t have best friends. Or friends of any kind. Colt is a senior, a great jock, and decides to sit with Angel in chemistry class.
What all of these kids have in common is their vice-principal, Mr. Matthews. He supports them, he listens to them, and pushes them to do better. So when he is involved in a car crash and charged of aiming for the pedestrian, our White Knights band together to prove them wrong. They do what they do best: they hack, search, theorize, come up with plans and implement them. But most of all, they become friends. For Angel, this is the biggest break through. She learns what it means to be and have friends. That she doesn’t have to be perfect, her friends like her anyway. That trust is important. That what’s inside a person is more important than the outside. This was a great book! The characters were well developed and the plot was fast paced. I read it in one seating because the author did such a good job of pulling me into that world!
I can hardly wait to read the next one in the series!

frozen teen ,


Ur book is really amazing. I wish the next book could just pop out of thin air. I’m agonizing over this short wait! When that happens you know you’ve written an excellent book

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