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This book is called The White Spark as the white spark or vacuum cell in Nature IS THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD—it is a ubiquitous principle of the universe and is the cause and parent of electricity, combustion, radium, snow-flakes, flowers, trees, leaves, crystallization, wireless telegraphy, animal forms and EVEN LIFE ITSELF.

This book is the key to every department of human endeavor, as it enunciates the basic principle and THE PRIME MOVER of the universe. It tells the road to health, the cause and cure of disease, the truth about the germ humbug and drug treatments, serums and antitoxins.

It shows why luminosity is produced on the flesh of various organisms, why a slice of pollock when first iced, then heated to 100 degrees and then thrust into a temperature of 50 degrees becomes luminous.

It shows the farmer that he can become a magician of agriculture—tells that the nitrogen of the air is only a dust of quartz rocks, like the invisible moisture of the air is "a dust of water"—that the nodules on the roots of the clover and legumes do not abstract nitrogen from the air, for if they did nature would have placed these bacteriological growths on the vine and not the root, the scientists have the cart before the horse in this case and the nodular cells form the proteids from sand or silica, this book tells how it is done.

It tells what a trance is and how the soul can leave the body temporarily.

How JESUS CHRIST is carrying out the biblical prophesy by TELEPATHY.

Gives the truths about the ideal society, alcohol, drunkenness, causes of crime, longevity and law.

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April 13
EKitap Projesi
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