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Why would a young man ask himself this question: “Who Am I?”
Surviving the Korean War made Pat Payne question the past and future and whether he would continue to exist. Or want to. In high school, he learned letterpress printing and went to work as a printer apprentice after graduating. When the Korean War started, he volunteered for the U.S. Marine Corps and, after training, was immediately sent to fight in Korea. What he experienced there, left him bewildered at the cruelty of the human race.
Upon returning to the states, he enrolled in a printing school to become a typesetter machinist to enhance his trade. After having several anxiety attacks, the doctor said nothing was physically wrong and gave him tranquilizers. His advice was: “When it gets so bad you can’t stand it, take a pill. Otherwise don’t. Pat, get a hobby, get a girlfriend and do something with your life.”
After a failed suicide attempt, Pat decided there must be a better way of facing his fears. He learned hypnotism on his own as a hobby. This led him to major in psychology at a state university—not that bright of a decision. But he did find what he should do with his life.
While studying he had a part time job with a local newspaper and became romantically involved with a couple of women. Into the picture, came a rattlesnake-handling preacher who had a shady past and present, including murder.
Slowly life became good for Pat, but, according to Murphy’s law, what can go wrong will go wrong.

Fiction & Literature
May 31
William Gibson White
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