Who Are the 144,000 Really? Who Are the 144,000 Really?

Who Are the 144,000 Really‪?‬

Understanding the First Fruits of the Redeemed

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The four angels that are holding the four winds are holding back the winds of judgment. In Revelation 6:17, just before the 144,000 are mentioned, John reveals the great day of His wrath is come. Who shall be able to stand?

In this unique look at the book of Revelation, author John Carpenter addresses a variety of topics that function to take readers beneath the surface of this popular book of the Bible. As Carpenter examines the book of Revelation from the unique perspective of a Hebrew thinking Gentile, readers will come to understand why Carpenter believes the 144,000 elect group of redeemed men won’t be on earth during the tribulation period. He also skillfully presents readers with the order of the five parts of the resurrection of the living along with other key concepts. You will be informed of his unique approach to discovering who these 144,000 of Israel really are. In reading this book, you will gain Carpenter’s insights on the different types of tribulations and resurrections, as well as the numerical and symbolic elements that appear in Revelation.

Some commentaries, books and charts describe the 144,000 as evangelists during the tribulation period.  

His direct approach and ability to present stimulating points in an easy to follow manner will inspire you to apply critical thinking and reexamine the way you have approached the book of Revelation. Not only does Carpenter display a variety of innovative concepts in this fascinating book, but he also provides enriching historical and cultural tidbits to put his insight into perspective. His ideas are refreshing and this book is a great tool to supplement your reading. With organized charts and lists, you can revisit this book as a quick reference tool that can inspire you to form new connections, be prepared for the second coming of Christ and understand God’s prophecies.

John Carpenter is an ordained Southern Baptist minister continually seeking the Hebraic roots of the Christian faith, a born again blood bought and Spirit filled believer in Yeshua­ Jesus. Considers himself a Karaite Christian who has the heart of Ruth with an unwavering devotion and love for Israel and Jewish people. A believer in Christ who stands firm as a soldier of the cross, his reasoning is Scripture only for interpretation of the Bible, while adding only historic Jewish culture in his apologetics. He’s part Native American and a native of the state of Florida where he resides today with his wife of 15 years, a man making the search for God’s truth his life priority.

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