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Indie singer-songwriter Cami Colson met a mysterious stranger on a dark night and flung herself headlong into a blistering, secret affair with the sexy man. But then he broke things off without warning or reason, and she could only curse her trusting heart and hope that time would heal its wounds. Yet now Eamon is back in her life, as handsome and tempting as ever, and even more enigmatic.

Eamon Rooney, son of the president of a notorious motorcycle club, had every intention of staying away from Cami following their break-up. After all, he’d split from her to keep her free of the danger dogging him. Trouble touches her, however, prompting Eamon to pull her close again as he does everything in his power to keep her safe..

Passion between the two flares once more and even though they fight against the feeling, their wills are not more powerful than the ways of the heart. Can they learn they belong together…and will they survive the lesson?

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Rock Royalty Boxed Set – Books 1-3

April 28
Christie Ridgway
Christie Ridgway

Customer Reviews

lep1211 ,

Wonderful Series!

I received a complimentary ARC in exchange for an honest review.

After I finished this book, all I could say was “WOW!” It was so fantastic that I couldn’t wait to finish it. On the other hand, I never wanted it to end.

This is the seventh book in the Rock Royalty 7 Series. The book is about nine children of the members of a famous band called “Rock Royalty. These children were all raised by their fathers because none of the mothers were in the picture anymore.

This is Cami Colson’s story. Cami meets Eamon Rooney when he comes to her brother’s motorcycle shop where she works. They have an affair until Eamon breaks up with her in a humiliatingly public scene at the bar where Cami sings. The chemistry between the two of them is unbelievably strong. However, along with this chemistry, the reader, also, feels the love between Cami and Eamon.

Cami is the daughter of one of the band members, String Bean Colson. He and the other band members had wild parties, but never included Cami. She spent her younger years alone and lonely.

Eamon is the son of the president of a motorcycle club called The Unruly Assassins. He was never allowed to become a member of the club so he became an attorney and a private investigator for his own law firm.

The couple meets again when Eamon thinks Cami is in danger from a competing motorcycle club who believes that she is his girlfriend. He intends to protect her. As a result of this, Cami and Eamon become involved again.

This is only my third book I have read by this author, but I can already tell that Ms. Ridgway is an awesome writer. Her plot for this book is so well-developed that even the tiniest incident plays an important role later on in the story.

Plus, her characters are realistic three-dimensional characters. Their actions and emotions at some parts are gentle, kind and loving. However, at other times, they are angry, mad and, even, hurt. Yet, she still manages to clue us into the mixed emotions Cami and Eamon have about their relationship.

I highly recommend this book. Even though this is part of a series, one can easily read this book as a stand-alone. In fact, at the beginning of each book, Ms. Ridgway explains the overall storyline which makes it easy to understand the background information even if you have not read the other book. However, the reader will better enjoy the books if they are all read in order.

Eileen A-W ,

Who Do You Love

Who Do You Love, by Christie Ridgway, Rock Royalty Book 7, introduces the reader to Cami Colton’s mysterious boyfriend. Cami is the sister of Ren and Payne and daughter of String Bean Colton. She is one of the two girls out of the nine children of the Velvet Lemmons, a band their fathers created. Cami manages one of the scrap yards that her brother Payne owns as well as being an indie singer-songwriter.

Eamon Rooney is the son of the president of a well known motorcycle club. He unexpectedly met Cami when he goes to the scrap yard in search of a part for his motorcycle. The attraction between them is off the chart as Cami and Eamon begin a scorching, secret affair.

Eamon then broke things off without warning or reason. Cami could only nurse her aching heart and hope that time would heal its wounds. Now Eamon has returned and is as handsome and tempting as ever. In fact Cami believes he has become more mysterious than before. Truthfully, Eamon broke off with Cami to keep her free from the danger following him. When trouble appeared in Cami’s life, Eamon reappears in her life, doing everything in his power to keep her safe.

Cami and Eamon both live lonely lives, cut off from the love and support of their families. Or they at least feel that way. Cami expresses this in her songs, but Eamon bottles it up inside. The passion between these two once again flares during the time Eamon is protecting Cami.

I loved the way Christie Ridgway took the reader along on Cami and Eamon’s journey to finding each other, a love and support and accepting the passion they share. She showed the growth in the relationship between these two characters as well as how their affection for each other continued to grow. I highly recommend this book to all readers and I cannot wait to read the next story in this series.

Grinandstampit ,

So worth the wait!!

I love this series. Christie Ridgeway has alluded to Cami's secret man in previous books. Now the focus is on their story and what a story it is. Cami is nursing a heartbreak and writes a song about her resolve to get beyond her brief relationship with Eamon. That night as she leaves the bar she has a flat and he is there to help her change it and follow her home. When they arrive her home has been shot up and one of her guitars damaged. Is it because of Eamon's association with the motorcycle club that his father is president of? Can he protect her? I was on the edge of my seat as I read this tension filled story. Love catching up with he rest of the Rock Royalty. This is a must read!

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