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Everything she knew was a lie…

Her mother. Her abductor.

After her beloved mother passes away, Olivia discovers a box filled with secrets that shatters everything she thought she knew.

The woman who raised her, with love and kindness, was never who she claimed to be. The truth thrusts Olivia into a new town with strangers who claim to be her rightful family.

Torn from all she’s ever known, Olivia hunts to find who she truly is in the midst of this topsy-turvy mystery. While forbidden to contact her abductor's relatives, there is one caring and compassionate boy that may be able to help her uncover her hidden truth.

There’s one problem - he’s her abductor’s nephew.

May 13
Gail Haris LLC
Crystal Hrissikos

Customer Reviews

MK198513 ,


Wow! 6 Stars!

Immediately I was drawn in and felt for Sarah(Olivia).
The challenges she faced felt real, I felt part of her life, and the twists were jaw dropping. I just don’t know what to say. Shock I was not ready for.
I had so many emotions throughout this story and overall felt transported into this world.

I love how Sarah proves to be very mature for her age and it is impressive how she can take that step back to look at the whole picture in the different situations she is in and with how others react.

I could not get over how this character felt so real to me, it was hard to remind myself this was only fiction.
I couldn’t put this book down. I even wanted to go as far as to calling off of work so I could finish it. When I wasn’t reading it due to having “adult responsibilities”, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Warning ⚠️: This is a compulsive read and you should dedicate a day or two to read this in it’s entirety with no distractions.

This is definitely added to my top favorite reads now and I plan on buying the paperback to have a hard copy as well. Does not leave as a cliffhanger but it makes you excited for the next book to see where Sarah’s life leads her next.