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Childhood friends reunited. One twisted by tragedy. The other living a lie.

Trevor Adler just saved his former best friend from a disastrous dating auction, but he has an agenda: to find out why she cut off contact four years ago and if the girl he used to know is still buried beneath her too perfect facade.

Charlotte Logan is hiding from the truth and knows Trevor is the only person who can uncover it. He's the last person she needs and the only one she wants.

But Trevor has secrets of his own and when the police come calling, he must finally decide whose life he's living.

Fate brought them back together, but Trevor and Charlie must decide of saving each other matters more than saving themselves.

Young Adult
May 4
Perfect Storm Publishing, LLC
Perfect Storm Publishing, LLC
Grades 9 and Above

Customer Reviews

maggersann ,

A story that will stick with you long after it ends!

Both Charlie and Trevor's stories have stuck with me long after I first finished this book. It was beautiful seeing their relationship grow and to watch them learn so much about themselves through each other. Plus, the backdrop of Des Moines, Iowa (my hometown!) and all of the wonderful mentions of where they were traipsing around made my heart so happy. I've never read a book set in Des Moines that spoke so much to me. It's seriously a love letter to being young in Des Moines.

I thought Stormy did a fantastic job handling the portrayals of mental illness throughout and the characters felt incredibly real because of this intense attention to detail. It never felt like a plot device.

Was this book emotionally draining? Yes. Was it worth it? 1000%.

Be prepared to laugh, feel all of the goosebumps, and have your heart ripped out then sown back together within the same breath.

*I received an advance reader copy in return for an honest review

ojmomma ,

teenage angst, self discovery, and heart-wrenching mental health awareness all wrapped up in one bea

Charlie and Trev - Trev and Charlie - They were childhood best friends that took solace in the safety of togetherness, until he had to move away, and too many forces kept them apart.

Charlie: She disappeared and became someone new. She didn't want to, but she simply had to. She had no choice other than to be strong through the worst life can deal someone and learn to stuff her own demons into a quiet place. Put on a pretty face and carry on, she told herself. Go to college and pretend. Hide even. End of story.

Trevor: He was the adult when he should have been able to be the child. His music save him and cursed him at the same time. But, it gave him a full ride scholarship at a great school; it gave him a chance to escape. The frat party was the last place he wanted to be, but his roommate insisted. Then as if it was fate - there she was. His Charlie. But, she was Charlotte and oh so dramatically different and changed. What had happened?

The question is - can they learn to find themselves and each other again? Will they have the ability weather the storms that rage and threaten to end them. Can they be the people they long to be?

Take the time to read Stormy Smith's personally touching novel. It is teenage angst, self discovery, and heart-wrenching mental health awareness all wrapped up in one beautiful piece. It will speak to your heart. It will remind of you how reaching out for help is necessary - NO REQUIRED - especially in the most fragile time of life. Be prepared to laugh, cry, and most of all connect to the perfectly developed characters of a book in a new way.

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