Who Speaks For Earth

IMAGINE - a world without war, hunger, poverty, injustice, inequality and plutocracy

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Why are people prone to conspiracy theories, and why do people refuse to believe what’s “just plain obvious?”

In a world of profound division, propaganda, and chaos, Who Speaks for Earth reveals why we cling to our beliefs, even in the face of clear (fact-checked) evidence to the contrary. Parker unravels the process of belief formation, weaves in the plight of the working class, and exposes our economic system’s rivalrous roots to spotlight the institutionalized and outdated paradigm that binds us. Offering hope rooted in science, he points the way to a global sustainability movement that puts people and planet first.

For thousands of years, humanity has struggled under the dominion of economic rule premised on scarcity and competition. Every such rivalrous civilization has failed. Our global economy now stands as the last bastion of this ancient self-terminating mindset. It has become clear that today's economic institutions are not meeting the needs of the people. With inquiring minds, emerging leaders will embrace this challenge and accomplish what generations before them could not. The economic model presented in this book could transform our world with its beautifully-simple and superbly-efficient new socio-economic framework. This is not a utopian pipe dream; it is a logical design derived from the science of the natural world. With growing clarity, we’ll finally grasp our intimate interconnection and proclaim life needs as a birthright: water, food, housing, healthcare, clothing, education, and safety must be free. Historically, we have viewed work as a “means of earning a living.” In a modern industrial society of the future, living will be free, and work will be elevated to a “means of fulfillment.”

Coronavirus has ripped the mask off our market-based economy to unveil our systemic precarity. Disconnected from the plight of the masses, our legislators appear deaf to the fact that we shelter on this globe together. Wealth is ruthlessly siphoned upward at an unprecedented rate, and amid pervasive propaganda and mounting inequality, countless citizens are poised for calamity. In the face of such tragedy, where do we turn? Our institutions have failed us, corporate media is asleep at the wheel, and we feel powerless to effect change. Profound chaos historically seeds transformation, and with deep relevance for a divided nation Who Speaks For Earth rises with a clarion call.

February 19
Self Published
Edward J Parker

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