Who We Are

A Decker Family Novel

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Publisher Description

USA Today Bestselling Author Claudia Burgoa pens a thought-provoking emotional duet that works through the angst of finding love amidst past hurts and the pain associated with not belonging, not fitting in.

He says they can both love me. Protect me. Be the men I need. Can I possibly believe them?

Every one of my relationships—from hookups to business partners—begins and ends with an NDA. Hell, I’ve never even been on a real date. That’s what happens when your famous, secretly gay parents go to extremes to protect their kids from the media’s unrelenting spotlight.

In a life where I try on and cast off pet projects like I change my socks, two people generate the kind of chemistry that holds my interest. Believe me, that’s saying something.

There’s my brother’s business partner, Tristan Cooperson. Mr. Hot Suit. Professional overthinker. Doesn’t just avoid mixing business with pleasure. He doesn’t mix pleasure with…anything.

Then there’s the beautiful bartender Thea Dennis. Skittish as the butterfly gracing the logo of one of her many side gigs. Hiding her past like a wounded dragon guarding its hoard.

Can you picture it? Tristan, Thea, and me. The perfect love. Untouchable by all the bad things of the world. Or capable of dragging us through the nine circles of hell.

Who We Are is the first book of the Perfect Everlasting duet. A polyamorous relationship packed with angst and two hot AF men.

Note: Part of this book was published under Uncut and significantly expanded

December 6
Cyburg Ink LLC
Literally Alpaca Illustrations, LLC

Customer Reviews

Cheryl33610 ,

At last, Matthew’s story

I have been waiting, sort of patiently, for Matthew Decker's story and it certainly did not disappoint! He is without a doubt my favorite of the Decker triplets. His connection with both Tristan and Thea was fierce and fiery, but he handles each of them very differently. And funny enough, he's the most "stable" of the three of them! I was back and forth with my feelings about Tristan, to be honest. I absolutely understood his hesitancy to get involved with Matt, especially as he shares more of his story. But I was so invested in Matthew that I was afraid that Tristan and his issues would break Matt. Thea broke my heart. This young woman was put through the ringer and I don't even know how she's not only functioning, but at the level she is. Her relationship with each man is sweet and special in different ways. Tristan and she share painful pasts whereas Matthew brings a lightness to her soul that's been missing. Of course, then there's that inevitable cliffy, and I'm thanking to goddess that book two is already on my e-reader, waiting to continue their story....

mamagalindo ,

Beautiful and heartbreaking

3/15/23 updated with audiobook review - Erin Mallon, Jason Clarke and Teddy Hamilton are three of my favorite narrators. I LOVED their performance - they brought the perfect voice, emotion and personality to each character. I love audiobooks and how they bring a whole new experience to enjoying an authors words/story. This is book one of the Perfect Everlasting duet and it is a doozy. Claudia is the master of angst, heartbreak and characters finding their way. Tristan is damaged, tortures, conflicted but an amazing human. His family is controlling and awful…but he doesn’t have the courage to stand up to them. Matt has an amazing family, is honest to the point of frustration, is extremely protective of those he loves and is not ashamed of who he is. Thea has so much baggage (her family is no bueno) but is determined to better herself. She’s a beautiful and amazing person but just needs someone to make her feel Like she matters. This story will take you through the ringer of emotions. Only as Claudia can do, she will rip your heart out, stomp on it but then make it all better. :). We learn about these three characters and what makes them tick. Watching them get to know one another, share their fears/concerns and become vulnerable to one another is beautiful. Their are moments of frustration, anger, beauty, fear, love and strength within the story. The story does leave on a cliffhanger and you will want to read Who We Love to see where these three land. Hold on…it’s a bumpy ride.

Laura__F ,


Book one of this duet had me all in my feelings. Matt, Tristan, and Thea are some special people but I’m not sure how everything will play out. There’s a bit of angst but even more than that is the drama!!! I can’t wait to dive into the conclusion.

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