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How many second chances does one person deserve?

After an eye-opening summer abroad, Billie Dixon's world has fallen apart. Her childhood best friend has replaced her. Her boss at the gallery doesn't think she's paid enough dues to be a "real artist." And Xander ignores her, even though they're roommates. But she's made her peace with that.

When her photography professor partners her with Dahlia Finnick, it's only a matter of time before she intrudes on Billie's life. And this time, Dahlia pursues what she's always wanted—Billie—and she doesn't care who she hurts in the process. Even if that person is the object of her affections.

Can Billie look past Dahlia's faults and give her a second chance? Can she give one to herself?

Now, Billie has to choose between the acceptance she craves and the love she lost. But to mend her broken relationships, she must take her first leap of faith.

If you enjoyed Keeping You a Secret by Julie Anne Peters and Love, Life, and the Listby Kasie West, you'll love WHO WE MIGHT'VE BEEN.

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July 26
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kirchersmiles ,


Who We Might’ve Been: A College Coming-of-Age Story (Billie Dixon Book 3)

By D.L. Pitchford

5 Stars

I have been waiting for this book and was so excited when it hit my kindle...Have you read this series? If not..What are you waiting for? Do not start with this book, seriously you must read all 3 of them.

This book might be my favorite so far...well until the next, if there is a next, and there HAS to be a next...Right?! There is a story brewing and I have felt this coming since early in the second book, I am relieved that what I thought was going on in fact is, and more relieved that the trouble I was afraid it would cause in Billie and Jimmy’s friendship did not happen. I am so so so in love with this series, I can't explain it it is just awesome and I've read a lot of coming of age college stories but this one is no doubt become my favorite. This author's writing style just draws me in and i can feel what these characters are feeling, and also feel like I'm standing there watching it happen.

Oh my though, Billie made me so mad so many times in this book..I just wanted to scream and stomp my feet, and I actually kind of did. I hope that the one character that is so toxic in this book is gone forever, and I am praying that although this one did not necessarily end in a cliffhanger that there is so much more to come...I could follow Billie into her golden years.

I'm not going into any specifics in this review because it will take away from books 1 and 2...Trust me when I say this is a must read series, this is a must read author and she has gained a new forever fan because I will read anything she comes up with from this point on, and sincerely looking forward to rereading this whole series many times in the future.

Amazingly Awesome!! I can't even...there are not enough words for me to convince you how good this series is!

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