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When global pop star Kelly Rowland became a mom for the first time, giving birth to her son Titan, she felt the most incredible love she had ever experienced. But after spending nine months so focused on the baby growing inside her, she was caught completely off guard by how much she had changed. Like many first-time moms, she was not ready for what had happened to her body and for so many overwhelming new thoughts and emotions. She wondered: Will I Ever Walk Again? Will I Ever Sleep Again? Are My Boobs Always Going to Be Like This? Rowland had questions about everything from postpartum bleeding, skin and hair changes, and dealing with aches and pains to getting back in shape and sex after baby. She also weighed the larger notions about what she wanted out of motherhood and the rest of her life.

It was a good thing that Rowland's longtime OB/GYN Dr. Tristan Emily Bickman was right there to answer every single crazy question that popped into her head. Nothing fazed Dr. Bickman and she provided Rowland with the answers she so desperately needed, telling her over and over that, in the months after a woman gives birth, nothing is exactly strange, but nothing is necessarily normal either. It's all just part of the "miracle" of birth.

In Whoa, Baby! Rowland and Dr. Bickman team up to share this reassuring information with new moms everywhere. Often hilarious and always down-to-earth, Rowland and Dr. Bickman cover every surprising challenge that new moms face.

April 11
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Customer Reviews

PhyllinThisWay ,

Kelly is a beautiful person and her beauty shines through every page.

Kelly is a beautiful person and her beauty shines through every page. I have enjoyed this book so far and I am excited to read it again and again. I have laughed and more importantly I related while being educated. ♒️♒️

HateOnKen ,


I'm not a mother just yet but I always love to read books on things that I know I will experience in life eventually. Kelly is great at being open so I appreciated her pouring so much of herself into this book. Some things scared me while reading but as I continued to read and was reassured everything works out! I know my support system is amazing and I will be just fine. Once again congratulations and thank you so much Kelly!!

Surprisedgirl ,

Great Book

This book is real. The writers also manage to add humor into the book. Would recommend to any new mom.