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This book will give you the information as well as insight to form a foundation for the new you. The DNA that you were born with is the blue print for your life, what you are, but not who you are. All humans are born  as an extension of their past, family genetics, culture, beliefs and controls setup long before they were born. Genetic conditioning scientifically proven shows traumas experienced by your ancestors  transfer the same effects of the drama or situation two to three generations down the line.  Yet this being said tells us that the DNA has set our body, cells and destiny in line for a predetermined life based on the past, yet I can confirm I am not the same as my dad or my great grandmother. These studies have been conclusive so what happened? Environment and epigenetic is what happened. You can change your life you can go beyond the confines and restrictions of your inherited DNA and this book will not only prove it but show you how.

February 20
Ketch Productions
Tina Bennett

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TinaKetch ,

Whose Life are you Living / Enverinmental Epigenetic’s

The information in this book will open your eyes, touch your heart and sooth your soul. Never before answered questions, allowing you the solace needed to repair, refresh and continue with the rest of your life with peace of mind through answers never before available along your search for happiness, success, honor and good health.
As inquisitive humans it has never been good enough to say 'ok' to an unanswered question. Blind faith had never provided the comfort that our search had been looking for.
All of that and more you will find within the pages of this book. Questions such as why am I like this, why did I do that, why did that happen to me. Now the answers -

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