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Have you ever wondered why staying positive was so hard to maintain? Or whether it would ever be possible to shake those defeated thoughts about your worth and potential? You will find the answer to these and many other quality of life questions in Why Not Joy? Change Your Mind and Everything Else Along With It. More importantly, you will learn what it takes to rewrite your life story from a dreary, burdensome trek into a marvelous adventure undertaken in close collaboration with God.

Using a humorous and poignant blend of personal experience, relevant scientific information, and case studies from his addiction counseling practice, Patrick lays out a detailed blueprint that you can use to transform your experience of life into whatever you want it to be. The author knows this material from the inside and doesn't hide his own struggles with addiction, low self-esteem, and futile thinking. He also relates several miraculous interventions that will rekindle your faith that God is able to do "exceedingly, abundantly, beyond" your wildest imaginations.

Patrick discusses the mindsets that underlie our personal narratives, and sheds light on why the story we choose to tell about our setbacks and losses is far more important than what actually went wrong.  He’s helped many of his clients to “reinvent” themselves, and you will gain the information and inspiration to rewrite your story so that things like depression, anxiety and addiction no longer belong and are replaced instead with gratitude, peace of mind, and abiding joy. Transformation is possible and it's closer than you think!

Religion & Spirituality
May 22
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