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The good girl is keeping a secret? He’ll seduce it out of her until she begs to be his.

Sniper Pierce “One-Mile” Walker nearly had everything he ever wanted—until a fateful mission stripped it all away. Now an outcast, he’s forced to watch the off-limits beauty who stole his heart slip through his fingers. Left with nothing but revenge, he’s determined to defeat evil and win her back. But when he learns she’s planning a future without him, he vows he’ll break every rule and defy all odds to make her his again—forever.

Brea Bell was always a good girl…until Pierce Walker. Despite everyone’s warnings, she gave the rough warrior her body—and her heart. When she receives news that shatters her world, he devastates her by walking away. Terrified of losing all she’s ever known, Brea tucks away her dreams and commits to a “safe” future. Then Pierce appears in the dead of night, challenging and seducing her. Brea isn’t sure she can trust him…but she also can’t say no.

Angry and betrayed, he leaves to pursue vengeance, while her sins are exposed to the world, forcing her to fight painful battles. Can Brea and Pierce conquer the dangers that threaten their happily ever after…or will fate wrench them apart forever?

April 7
Shelley Bradley, LLC
Shelley Bradley, LLC

Customer Reviews

tree7404 ,

Omg 🔥❤️

This was a great conclusion. I love these two series are coming together and what a great start to this series with these two characters, one mile and brea. The resurgence of Logan, Joaquin, hunter, jack deke and all the other favorites. I can’t wait for the next installment. I did not want to put this down and the story was so good and believable. Shayla black has gone beyond what I expected and that’s hard since I have not found a book she wrote i Janet loved.

jairijrja ,

Unrealistic and juvenile writingWritting

I love the romance book and most of them have an unrealistic piece but this one was too off the grid. Not written well. Very juvenile.

Lacie Romano ,

An edge of your seat reading!

Amazing! This conclusion to One-Mile and Brea's story was so good.

Shayla Black was able to take characters from previous books and put a spin on them to make them look/act differently than how they were portrayed in their original books and bring a different light, a different dimension. You know it's a GREAT read when an author can do that, make you see different sides of characters and boy did she!
One-Mile quickly grew to be my favorite Hero! His love, devotion, and wickedness gave him an edge that totally balanced out Brea's good girl personality.
This conclusion had so much action, the "holy crap, I didn't see that coming!" and a heroine with a back bone that I loved. Angst, heat, and suspense that will want you to quickly flip to the page to find out what happens next while making you also want to slow down and savor each word. A must read!

Let's not forget the lead up to the next book that I am so ready for!

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