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He never wanted to be anyone’s hero…

Some would call me irrevocably broken. I submerge myself in long work hours by day and debauchery at The Wicked Horse by night, using those things to numb the pain and guilt I feel over the death of my wife. What isn’t satisfied by one will surely be resolved by the other. At least that’s how I’ve survived the last few years.

But things change when Hannah Madigan shows up at my door, the newest employee sent by the company that cleans my apartment. Beat down by life, not to mention a cheating husband who was unfairly awarded custody of their daughter, Hannah is determined to make a better life for herself and get her kid back, even if it means working three jobs to do so. One costly mistake puts Hannah in my debt, and I’m not about to let the chance to have this dark-haired beauty pass me by.

She’s given a golden opportunity…

Determined to stay the course by any means necessary, Hannah accepts my less than professional offer. I’ll give her a job. She’ll give me her body. Sounds easy, right? Until the scales tip and I find myself needing her in ways I’m not ready to admit. Until I find that saving someone else may just mean allowing myself to be saved in return.

January 1
Big Dog Books, LLC
Big Dog Books, LLC

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romancereader77 ,

Wicked Knight

Love this series and I liked this one better then several of the others. Sex club books are rarely as good as these ones. Each one actually has a good storyline to go with the rest of the book.

Happy G- ,

Wicked Knight

Another winner!

Agent$$$$ ,

Family Of Three

After losing his mom to cancer and a wife to suicide, Asher Knight vows to never give his heart over to love again. He spends his days making millions and his nights at The Wicked Horse. While working from home one morning, one of Asher’s colorful vases is accidentally broken by the cleaning crew. The new employee fascinates Asher. He knows there’s no way she can pay to replace the one of a kind vase, so he strikes a deal with her...

Hannah Madigan currently works three jobs in hopes of saving enough money to get her daughter, whom she recently lost custody of in a nasty divorce, back. Hannah’s a good mom, but her cheating ex was friends with the judge and was wealthy. Although she has visitation on the weekends, it’s still not enough. When she accidentally breaks the vase, all dreams of getting her daughter back evaporate. Until Asher’s offer...Can she really be Asher’s “beck and call girl”?

Loved, loved, loved this novel! Hannah exudes strength and determination that is so admirable! Her love for her daughter and desire to make a better life for herself and her family is unparalleled. As Hannah steps outside her comfort zone, she realizes there’s a whole side to herself she enjoys. She had so many self-depreciating thoughts due to her ex, that it was AWESOME to see the transformation of the newly improved Hannah! Asher only has love for his twin sister, but begins to believe that a future with Hannah is possible. She awakens feelings in him that he’s hidden away for a long time. With Hannah around, even Wicked Horse loses some of its appeal. I also loved Asher’s interactions with Hannah’s daughter! Could forever be a possibility? I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

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