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Gage Bryant has the best hands and the quickest feet of any wide receiver in football.

He also has a secret—one he'll do anything to protect.

He's a member of The Velvet Club. With airtight non disclosure agreements, playing at Velvet gives him the freedom to assert his dominance and control in a way that not only serves him on the football field, but the way he craves in the bedroom.

What he doesn't expect is for his most recent partner to be one of the reporters assigned to follow him around in the weeks before he opens a new wing at the local children's hospital. 

When it's clear Elizabeth Hayes has no idea he's the man who had her blindfolded and bound beneath him, Gage realizes things just got a lot more interesting.

He can have her body at night, giving her all the pleasure she begs for in a way he needs. And he can keep his heart, as well as his identity, out of their encounters. 

After all, the absolute worst thing that could happen would be to have this sexy little reporter reveal how wicked he truly is.

Fiction & Literature
January 29
Stacey Lynn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Rosa ( iScream Books Blog) ,

I wasn’t expecting to find myself so emotionally invested

"I knocked on the door twice, signaling I was about to enter and turned the knob. Let the wicked games begin."

I was very intrigued by the synopsis of this story. Sexy football player, kinky secrets, and mystery lovers sounded too delicious to pass up, so I didn't.

The author tells the story in dual POV so it's fun to know what each of the characters is thinking, but not sharing with each other. But it will make you want to whisper secrets in their ear to move things along quicker. I'm not talking about their sexy times, that part was good from the get-go. It's their hidden identities that I was anxious to be revealed. The anticipation was exciting as I imagined how it would eventually play out.

Another thing that kept me on edge was the possibility of Gage's greatest fear actually happening. His privacy means everything to him and the media finding out about his sexual proclivities would be scandalous. Not that it would hurt his career, we all know that single athletes are always in the news. But what would it do to his straight-laced family to learn his secret in such a public way? Better not to ever find out, right? That's why he takes such extreme measures to protect himself.

What I wasn't expecting was to find myself so emotionally invested in the events surrounding the opening of the new wing at the children's hospital. My heartstrings were pulled tight. I know this story is the third in the Rough Riders series, but I read it as a standalone. I had no problem keeping up, but I did meet some amazing support characters that made me interested in reading the previous installments.

Kelly_BTC Blog ,

5 Wicked Stars!

When Wicked Player was announced, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it because I enjoyed Filthy Player so much….and THAT book is what got me hooked on Stacey Lynn’s writing! *hint: read her books!*

Wicked Player is pure, seductive fire!!! Heat and carnal desires radiate from the pages of this sexy story, enrapturing you with its forbidden romance story line and captivating character dynamic.

Gabe and Beth’s insta-connection is a fiery combination of lust, passion, and deep emotions. Not only will this book burn you from the inside out with its sexuality and wanton inhibitions, but it’s also the raw emotions that bleed from this story in a way that makes you feel torn wide open, eliciting pain and heartbreak for innocent loved ones.

Wicked Player is intoxicating, electrifying you with its red-hot sensuality. I could go on and on and on about how amazing this book it. I could give a play-by-play about what happens with these two spectacular characters. I could give so many details about the specifics on why I loved this book so much. But I won’t. All I’m going to say is READ IT. Seriously…read it. This story starts at 100 and doesn’t slow down one bit. You won’t regret picking it up, and you’ll battle with yourself on your ability to be able to put it down. An absolute, and undoubted must-read!

5 Wicked Stars!

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