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An unexpected meeting leads two men on a path that will change them both.

Giovanni Murray speeds home after getting a signal about his house on fire. When he gets there it's true but the man who is sneaking up behind him is the one who captures his attention. The stranger's claim of being there to help rings true but when the man's determination causes an altercation between them Gio is intrigued by this man. Another sort of instinct is raised and Gio is willing to explore where it might lead. Now he just needs to convince the man who has captured his interest.

Mercer Nelson knows fires and it makes his good at his job as a fire investigator. The fire he calls in seems suspicious to him however the man who owns the house seems even more so. There is a look in Gio's eyes makes Mercer's instincts war between reaching for his gun or to kiss Gio to get the look out of his eyes. Even after the fire with Mercer on the case he finds himself at odds with his instincts. He still is captivated by Giovanni Murray yet wonders what is beneath his exterior makes Mercer want to have a gun to protect himself. As he gets to know Gio he realized that he is as complex as he seems but no matter if his instincts are screaming danger Mercer decides to go after him. He hopes Gio can handle it…then again from what he's seen there doesn't seem to be anything Gio can't handle.

When the hunter becomes the hunted, it gets interesting to see who will win in this match of wills in a Wicked Pursuit.

This is a rerelease. This book is best read in order as part of the series.

September 24
Simply Sophisticated Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

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