Wicked Seductions: A Box Set of Regency Historical Romance

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A box set of three classic romances from award-winning author Sandra Schwab

The Lily Brand

Troy Sacheverell, fifth earl of Ravenhurst, was captured in France. He'd gone to fight Napoleon, but what he found was much more sinister. Dragged from prison to an old French manor on the outskirts of civilization, he was purchased by a rich and twisted beauty. And more dangerous still was the stepdaughter who claimed him.

Lillian had not chosen to live with Camille, her stepmother, but none escaped the Black Widow's web. And on her nineteenth birthday, Lillian became Camille's heir. Her gift was a plaything: a man to end her naiveté, whose face and body were made for the boudoir. Yet even as Lillian did as she was told, marked that beautiful flesh and branded it with the flower of her name, all she desired was escape. In another place, in another world, she'd desired love. Now, looking into burning blue eyes, there was no place to run. No matter should she flee, no matter where she might go, she and this man were prisoners of passion, inextricably linked by the Lily Brand...

Castle of the Wolf

Celia Fussell's father was dead, and she was reduced to the status of a poor relation in the house of her brother - the new baron - and his shrewish wife. A life of misery loomed ahead.

But, no. There was hope. Deep in the Black Forest, in the Great Duchy of Baden, was Celia's inheritance. Among fir trees so dark they looked almost black, the Castle of Wolfenbach rose, a skeletal ruin adorned by gargoyles where even locals feared to tread. It was a fortress of solitude, of secrets, of old wounds and older mysteries. But it was hers. And only one thing stood in her way: its former master, the hermit, the enigma ... the man she was obliged to marry.


After a magical mishap that has turned her uncle's house blue, Miss Amelia Bourne is stripped of her powers and sent to London in order to be introduced into polite society--and to find a suitable husband. Handsome, rakish Sebastian "Fox" Stapleton seems to be all that and more. He is her true love. Isn't he?

At Rawdon Park, the country estate of the Stapletons, Amy begins to wonder. Several inexplicable events suggest that one sip of bitter punch has changed her life forever--that her love for Fox is nothing but an illusion. They were pawns in some mysterious game, and black magic has followed them out of Town. Without her powers, will she be strong enough to battle those dark forces and win? And will she be able to claim her heart's true desire?

July 13
Sandra Schwab
Draft2Digital, LLC

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