Book 1 - Ancient Blood

Wicked Soul

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He saved me... And then he blood-bonded me. Now I'm his.

My first meeting with a Chicago vampire went better than expected.

Up until that night, all I knew about vampires was limited to a few common facts: they drink blood, they get a mean sunburn and if you find yourself alone with one, you’re dead.

Except he didn't kill me.

Sexy, broody Warin clearly had his own reasons for sparing my life and tying me with his blood, but if he’d known how much trouble I’d attract, I bet he wouldn’t have bothered. When he blood-bonded me, secrets even I didn’t know about myself came to light.

Secrets that will pull us both deep into the eternal war between vampires and the witches determined to rid the world of their evil.

We have only one choice now: fight the forces hell-bent on breaking our bond…

Or die.


For fans of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Sherrilyn Kenyon and True Blood comes a new Paranormal Romance Series from bestselling author Nora Ash.

Wicked Soul is a vampire romance novel bursting with sassy witches, sexy heroes and black magic. Steamy Urban Fantasy at its very best!

February 10
Little Huldra Media
Little Huldra Media

Customer Reviews

Shoshanah Lila ,

PNR Adult (violence, abuse flashbacks, language)

Wicked Soul: Nora Ash

by Shoshanahlila

Just finished Wicked Soul by Nora Ash and liked it very much. While some elements may be somewhat similar to other vampire romances I've read, there are enough differences to make this a unique story. This IS a vampire romance and as such, there are a limited number of Socially acceptable combinations mathematically possible for a story like this, so it can be forgiven.
Vampires, by their very nature are not all sweetness and light, but in order to be a romantic figure, should not be totally unredeemable. Ms. Ash does a good job of walking that fine line. Her Paranormal world includes many shades of darkness as well as some softer, lighter sides like friendship and family bonds, (even among the enemies) with the best and worst of all, being Soulmates.
The one, our fated match, the ultimate of joy to have and the deepest pit of sorrow is to lose. Finding her even effects the rest of Warrin's "family" through his bond and interactions with them. I like how the concept of balance is used in the story as well as explained during one of the main couple's many deep discussions. Ms.Ash uses this scene to illustrate how they feed each other's souls long before they become a physical couple. The change in Warrin is noticeable to those closest to him and illustrates how he is intertwined with those around him. He is not a total lost cause and with the love of the right woman, can change for the better. This is Romance pretty much defined right there.
For Liv, Warrin is her dark knight, her champion, and ultimate companion from the moment they are thrown together. She is portrayed as someone we could be friends with, a bit introverted, a reader of naughty romances, like us. I like how Ms. Ash has given Liv an inner strength and beauty. Of course Liv has no idea how her inner self shines through her. She's smart, creative, and not afraid to get her hands dirty, but also has darkness in her life. Warrin redeems her just as much as she redeems him.
All in all, a satisfying read, read with text-to-speech for Android/ Googlebooks, because EVERYONE who wants to enjoy a good story should.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

BrandymLamar ,

Wickedly wonderful!!!

A must read for vampire romance lovers! Warin is as yummy as they can get! Love the thrilling story & the spicy romance!

cherie1* ,

Good read

Wicked Soul: This is my first book from this author and I really enjoyed it. If you like paranormal with suspense, humor, alpha males and romance then this book is for you. There was a lot of build up between Warin and Olivia and then the explosion—you’ll have to read it to find out.. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was Olivia was just too gullible and too indecisive in some aspects. She seemed just a little too innocent. I love paranormal and a happy ending which this book definitely has. I would definitely recommend this book and will be reading more from this author. FYI: you need to read origin first as these are in order.

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