Wickedly Romantic Poets Box Set: Five Racy Regency Novels at an Amazing Price

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From the author of the best selling Marlow Family Secrets Series. Shortlisted for the UK's Historical Romance Novel of the Year and number one in the UK and USA Hirstorical Romance Kindle Charts.

Join four wicked poets on their journey into love.

Book 1: The Thread of Destiny
George Bridges believes in free love until his best friend seduces his sister, unbalancing the foundations of George’s life. Everything he had invested belief and emotion is lost. He is thrown from his position as a ringleader into a world of loneliness. Then he meets a woman who proves herself his equal and she becomes his obsession. So when her brother tells him she will never marry, what then...

Book 2: The Lure of a Poet
Gabriel watches his friends’ contentment with their wives and is tempted to find a wife of his own. There is one woman he has an interest in but she is an opera singer who can choose any man. If his interest is fixed on her he must compete for her affection, and persuade her. But perhaps the Greek goddesses of fate have other ideas…

Book 3: Treacle Moon
A chance meeting in a piazza in Rome, entwines Spencer’s destiny with the life of his father’s ward for the second time. Beyond any other desire, he wants to know if she is happy. As a young man, he had been forced to abandon her and he has always wanted to know what came next for her. Has life been kind to her?

Book 4: Entangled
A well-known face draws Clio’s attention and makes her heart leap. But the chance encounter may unravel the colourful lies she has been embroidering for years.Deceit has a bitter taste. So, what now? What will come next? James cannot leave things as they are. Yet, how will he trust this woman again?

Bonus Book: Jane the Authoress - A Pride and Prejudice variation
'This book made me want to read Pride and Prejudice again.' After her father's death Jane is living among vagabonds and prostitutes in a gothic horror. But when her distant cousin dies the unimaginable becomes real; Jane steps through the door of Stoneleigh Abbey and into her ancestors life of riches, and Mr Darcy is born.

Praise for Jane Lark

"Romantic, sensual and heartbreaking." - bookworm2bookworm
"Jane Lark writes with such passion for her characters. She makes them so scarred and flawed that they jumped off the pages and landed into my heart. I give this inspired love story 5 fingers up and 8 toes" - Patty McKenna Van Hulle
"I can't get enough of these books. John was just the best hero" - Kindle Customer
"I loved this book. I don't normally read historical romances, but that is going to change because of this book." S Galley
"Yes, reader, this was entirely worth the read." Eileen
"This is the best book I have read in a really long time, and I read books all the time! This is the type of book you don't want to finish. I kept looking at my percentage on my kindle and willing it to stay at 50%, and 75%, and 90%! I never wanted this story to end." - R Carter
"Wonderfully written ! Renewed my enjoyment of historical romance!"

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Jane Lark
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