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Two years into the Civil War, it is a bloody stalemate—exactly the sort of situation for a brilliant, ruthless visionary with ideas on modernizing spycraft to take advantage of. With an eye to not just winning the war, but to the future of the country, Alexander Rhoades convinces the Union government to let him run a team of remarkable spies as he pleases, mostly to plant brand-new electro-radio technology in Southern cities to aid the work of Northern agents.

While on one of these missions, secret agent Wicklow Doyle’s safehouse is compromised and he’s on the run in enemy-controlled Charleston. The last thing he needs with him is the pampered rich man who runs his team, yet despite the danger, Alexander Rhoades refuses to leave his side. Wicklow doesn’t understand why, or why Rhoades’s very presence makes him tremble. A street rat-turned-soldier-turned-spy, there isn’t much that scares Wicklow. He’s used to men desiring him, but not wicked geniuses offering something he’s scared to name. Wicklow doesn’t understand love any more than he understands Rhoades’s noble causes. He’d rather focus on what needs to be done.

The enemy is all around them and hiding a dangerous secret, the North still needs a victory, and Wicklow has to get Rhoades to safety. Of all the dangers in his path, that is the one that frightens him the most, and with every one of Rhoades’s soft kisses, he’s starting to realize why. But it might be too late. Wicklow may be a man of noble causes too, and he will do what it takes to fulfill his mission, save his team, the country, and Rhoades.

Fiction & Literature
June 15
R. Cooper
Smashwords, Inc.

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