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This bundle contains 3 short stories of hot young college men in their prime experiencing their wildest desires with alpha male werewolves! This collection includes:

Night with the Pack

Since he was a child, Jake has always known that werewolves still exist. Now as a college student studying wildlife preservation, he makes it his mission to learn more about the mysterious group that is said to no longer populate the forest land near his home.
When Jake finds himself lost and alone in the dark forest while conducting his research, his dream finally comes true. A pair of handsome and cocky werewolves come to his rescue and give him shelter from the cold, rainy night. But with the cramped space they'll be sharing and Jake's instant and obvious attraction for his two saviors, Jake realizes he's in for a wild night.

New to the Pack

Jordan is the newest member of the wild pack of werewolves that roam the forested land surrounding his city. Even after a few months in the group, he feels isolated and unable to adjust to his new life. Luckily for Jordan, he has at least one friend amongst the pack. Simon is there for him to help the transition, convincing Jordan that sometimes it's necessary to give in to instincts and desires. But will one night be enough to satisfy all of Jordan's carnal desires?

Desired by the Pack

Ryan is has been a werewolf enthusiast for almost his whole life. He's spent countless hours studying the mysterious creatures, and just as much time exploring the wild in search of them.

Ryan's lifelong dream comes true when he is surrounded by three ravenous werewolves who have a strong craving for his body. Ryan's been fantasizing for years about being taken by the legendary creatures, so there's no way he'll deny the desires of the pack.

This bundle contains over 14,000 words of hot werewolf first times! It is not intended for those under the age of 18!

Fiction & Literature
July 2
Briony Summers
Smashwords, Inc.

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