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Gemma Lane built an empire. Not a small feat, considering her home as a teenager was a makeshift tent in a California junkyard. She’s dedicated her life to turning pennies into millions. She has power, fortune and prestige.

And she’s leaving it all behind.

Gemma is headed across the country in her best friend’s Cadillac when a detour in Montana reunites her with old acquaintances and a man who hasn’t changed. Easton Greer challenges her every word and tests her every limit because he doesn’t believe she’s really abandoned her riches. She ignores his snide remarks and muttered censure—until the day she’s ready to return to the wild highway, and Easton taunts her to stay. 

She’ll prove to him she’s not just running back to her wealthy life, that she’s more than her money. She’ll unlock her guarded heart and hope that this time around, he’ll treasure the key.

June 23
Devney Perry LLC
Devney Perry

Customer Reviews

TheRomanceBibliophile ,

I loved Easton and Gemma!


Wild Highway was a sweet, sexy, emotional, and swoon-worthy standalone romance, and I absolutely loved Easton and Gemma’s story! The storyline and characters were amazing, and I loved the landscape of Montana and the Greer Ranch and Mountain Resort. Devney Perry did a fantastic job with this second standalone in the Runaway series, and I was super ecstatic with the conclusion to Easton and Gemma’s story. I definitely can’t wait to continue the rest of this must read road trip series!

Lexilooloolex ,

My happy place

Author Devney Perry’s books are my happy place. No matter where I am in life or what my mood is or my heart is feeling her words make me smile. They fill me up with joy!

Wild Highway is an utter delight! It has strong conflict, well-written characters, a courageous heroine, an amazing plot, to die for hot hero and humor. Those elements have become Author Perry’s calling cards and they are all present here and beautifully spun into a book that you won’t want to put down. It is truly excellent and will touch your heart on so many levels!

Gemma is on the road to deliver a car for a friend, to a long lost friend. She makes a detour to mend a friendship with Katherine. While there she sees an old love. The one she ran away from without a goodbye all those years ago.

Easton, strong, stubborn, sexy and shocked to see Gemma. A face he longed to see again years ago but loathes seeing how. His brain and heart may say take cover but his body says differently. Their chemistry is scorching hot and could start an inferno.

One click this intensely satisfying read. The road to the end has twists and turns of humor and gut wrenching emotions. It is a story that won’t soon be forgotten, so strap on your seat belt and let the wind whip your hair as you enjoy the ride down Wild Highway!

Lacie Romano ,

Wild Highway Leads to Happiness

Wow! I have to say this is one of my top five for this year! This book was the same as Runaway Road in the fact that it gave me everything I didn't know I needed in a book. This book had the angst of a second chance romance with the hurt of those who felt they were done wrong by, along with a heroine who has the strength to withstand anything (and makes me want to be as strong as she is). This book started to take me on a journey that made my heart hurt and just made me want to hug our leading lady. Too see their love play out, the enduring strength that they both possess, along with a family that I would love to claim as my own, this book made me smile and take a deep breath and enjoy how Devney Perry broke me yet put me back together even stronger than before.

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