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Nico Merryweather is loud, cocky, and says exactly what he’s thinking. People laugh it off because they think they know him. And Nico makes sure no one is close enough to learn the truth. With a new season starting, they’ll all be watching Nico, the goalie, but they’ll never know the man behind the mask. The mask that hides a diagnosis few take the time to understand.

Aviva Pearce’s life is a collection of bad days all wrapped up without a bow. If it can go wrong, it will. She isn’t the type to waste time dwelling on her misfortunes or to give up, though. She’s got too much fight in her. And she definitely doesn’t have time to waste on the wildly sexy, showboating goaltender everyone wants.

After being bullied as a child, Nico has worked hard keep up the illusion he's just like everyone else. But with Aviva, he's ready to take off his protective gear and score the most important goal of his life.

August 27
Toni Aleo Books LLC
Toni Aleo

Customer Reviews

DanceRaveLoveRepeat ,


By far my favorite book from her! I laughed out loud a couple of times. Love this two characters!

lizzie_grace83 ,

Wild tendy

This book hit home for me because I have a 5 year old autistic son who is very mild on the spectrum. So a lot of Nicos “wild” behavior or tendencies remind me of my child. Autism is a subject no one wants to talk about because most don’t understand it, so thank you for putting in the spotlight. And the love that Aviva showed and gave Nico is such a beautiful part of the story, but what was even better was how they both helped heal each other! You showed that just because someone has behaviors that are considered abnormal doesn’t mean that they can’t be loved! And Callie just shows that most teenagers nowadays know about autism or know someone with it, so thank you for not making her a bratty mean girl! I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I did and that more people will except those with neurodiversities!

thebrowns24 ,

Texas loves Toni Aleo

Taking topics that are hard and making them into a book everyone can relate to is a GIFT from GOD. We can only pray that every Nico finds an Aviva, and that every Aviva finds her Nico. The very worst part of this book is it reads too fast and you are finished then you want more. It’s okay though cause whatever Toni writes next will be here soon and life will be better while we read it. Mrs. Toni your Texas fans love you and we will see you at the Winter Classic.

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