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Welcome to Clean Slate Ranch: home of tight jeans, cowboy boots, and rough trails. For some men, it’s a fantasy come true.

Mack Garrett loves the rolling hills surrounding his Northern California dude ranch. Leading vacationers on horse trails with his two best friends is enough—romance is definitely not in the cards. When a sexy tourist shows up at Clean Slate, he’s as far from Mack’s type as can be. So why is the handsome city slicker so far under his skin in less than a day?

Roughing it in the middle of nowhere isn’t anywhere near Wes Bentley’s idea of fun. Then he lays eyes on the gruffest, hottest papa bear he’s ever seen. But Mack is as hard to pin down as he looks—distant, sharp-tongued, and in desperate need of a shave. Until a campout gone wrong strands both men in the mountains with nothing to do but get to know each other.

Mack intends to keep his closely guarded heart out of Wes’s very talented hands. But for a seven-day cowboy, Wes is packing some long-term possibility. The cold country air can do wonders for bringing bodies together—but it will take more than that to bridge the distance between two men whose lives are worlds apart.

This book is approximately 90,000 words

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December 11
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Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

Adventure a chance on your own “Clean Slate WILD TRAIL”

A. M. Arthur’s “Clean Slate Ranch” Book ONE … sets upon the adventure … visiting the Northern California horse recovery ranch stable site … where the vacation Dude Ranch hosts couples, families and friends for a special event retreat.

The “‘Clean Slate Ranch’” title hints toward the band of “blue” brothers who have departed their former careers in the Los Angeles Police Departments’ S.W.A.T. Force and the Los Angeles City Fireman’s ranks … in their pursuit of a new life career direction as a real life cowboy, wrangling both horses and guests visiting this interesting vacation spa-facility. A. M. Arthur introduces her unique cast of believable characters as muscle and brawn, humorous and real hunks of masculine beauty. A chance for a guest of the Dude Ranch to drool and hope for an experience of a romantic memory after just spending their one week in a heavenly bliss … Western BarBQ‘s … overnight trail camp site excursions … horse riding … star gazing on romantic camp fire nights … upon foot path trails … holding hands … kissing and embracing in warm hugs of joyous pleasure … … … with a real alive cowboy … hmmmmmmm … a life experience chance to embrace your own cow-handsome-BOY …

Thirty one year old Wes, a former Hollywood Television Series second ‘hack’ lead actor, has returned to his local San Francisco theater roots, after a first series season’s disastrous breakup … with his TV Series lead “boyfriend” actor … who ordered Wes’ TV character role killed off at the beginning of the TV series second season! Because … their actual TV show scenario relationship … would ultimately expose the couple as industry studio real life lovers, nevertheless, hinted, in fan show biz magazine expose!

A lonely unfulfilled - but a successful local San Francisco Bay areas actor - Wes - books his Sister Sophia’s bridal party for a week of fun and games at the vacation Dude Ranch, located south-east of the San Francisco peninsula in the foothills of the Golden California Mother-lode. Wes, unprepared, is HOT, nor really ready, to discover a handsome broad shoulder gay caballero masquerading as a real life cowboy … maybe, a real chance for a simple fling during their scheduled vacation week of fun … except … sparks and temperament erupt upon their first chance encounter … and their discovery of an intense attraction envelopes a simple encounter ON their first day together.

Thirty four year old Mark Garrett, having lost his ex-lover, has joined his grandfather’s horse recovery program … unable to remain in his Southern California job base because of the major loss of his personal life partner. After five years playing his role as a cowboy on his grandpa Arthur’s “Clean Slate Ranch” … is he ready, can he accept, becoming involved with a strikingly good-looking cute actor who is a guest at their Dude Ranch?

Please, let these adorable characters achieve a relationship in a short week of discovery. Between the two of them, to discover a gold mine of their own in their potential spirit of romantic success …

Book 2 “Roped In” and book 3 “Saddle Up” continue in the adventure of romance at the “Clean Slate Ranch” … please read in order for a wonderful reader’s experience …

ButtonsMom2003 ,

A great new series!

I liked this story a lot but it didn't get my emotions involved as much as other books I've read by A.M. Arthur. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell if it's just the mood I'm in when I read something or if the book truly doesn't grab me as much as others do by the same author. Having said all of that, this is still a very good book and I really look forward to seeing where this series is going.

Mack is a former member of Los Angeles County SWAT but he now lives and works at Clean Slate Ranch which is owned by his grandfather. Two of his best friends also gave up careers in the city and came to work for the ranch.

Wes Bentley is an actor at a dinner theater. His sister, Sophie, is getting married soon and he's her "best person." Sophie wanted to do something different for a bridal shower so the entire wedding party has booked a vacation at Clean Slate.

When Wes first sees Mack he's in lust right away but Mack isn't looking for a relationship. Mack finally agrees to have a fling and boy are the sexy times between these two guys hot! Like scorching, burn the house down, hot!

Wild Trail has a lot going on in it and, at 90,000 words, it's a very "meaty" story. There's a mystery and a new venture for Mack involving the ranch. And, of course, there's not an easy path to the HEA (happy ever after) for Mack and Wes. Both of these characters have issues from their past that impact their relationship.

Wild Trail is a complete story, with no cliffhanger, but the scene is set for a lot more things to happen at the Clean Slate Ranch (I love that name). The secondary characters are interesting and I can't wait to read their stories.

A review copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley but this did not influence my opinion or rating of the book.

***Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions dot com***

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