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Reece Wilde put everything in his life on the backburner to protect his brothers and their struggling company, Wilde Security. With a major contract on the line, Reece can't afford any mistakes...like getting caught in a red-hot, X-rated moment with wild child Shelby Bremer, who's more trouble than he can handle. Now he's being blackmailed.

Shelby's mile-long impulsive streak gets her in more trouble than she'd like to admit. Between her sister's wedding, her coffee shop set on fire, and getting down and dirty with the groom's brother, things are definitely coming off the rails. With both their careers and their safety on the line, Reece is determined to keep them both safe...even if it means a Vegas-style shotgun wedding.

But gambling on a wild card-and a wild soul-is risky...and sometimes, it can get a guy killed.

Each book in the Wilde Security series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of order.
Series Order:
Book #1 Wilde Nights in Paradise
Book #2 Wilde for Her
Book #3 Wilde at Heart
Book #4 Running Wilde
Book #5 Too Wilde to Tame

September 7
Entangled Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Jmk1723 ,

What a funny sexy mystery!

I started this book and read it all through the night. It was well written and kept my interest. It has lovable characters that make me laugh at some of the situations that just make the book. Shelby and Reece and all his candy names I just love. I hated the book to end. I read the book again right away I loved and enjoyed it so much. I bought the other 2 in the series. I can't wait for the other 2 coming out!! I wish I could preorder them. You can't go wrong with this book or the author and her witty excellent writing. Keep the books coming in this series.

Cheryl SDS ,

Opposites do attract!!!

Reese Wilde wanted his sister-in-law's sister, Shelby Bremer. They are complete opposites in every way but there's just something about her. She's a trouble magnet. Wherever Shelby is, trouble is sure to find her. And sure enough, when she starts to fool round with Reese Wilde, things start happening. First it was the blackmail. They thought marriage would be the best way to thwart the blackmail but you know what they say about good intentions and that was just the beginning.

Reese is the nerdy reclusive one of the Wilde brothers. He's no slouch in the looks and body department but he's always been more interested in making sure his brothers are financially stable. Shelby is trouble with the T! I really feel sorry for her because everyone paints her as a huge screwup that nobody wants to be around. She does have reasons for most the stuff she does even though she can't tell anyone. I can't wait to read more of the series.

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Unbound Passion ,

A Smart & Sexy Romantic Suspense

** Provided by Publisher in Exchange for an Honest Review **

Judging a Book by it's Cover:
A well-dressed man, looking as though the weight of the world rests on his shoulders. Stormy and turbulent background could be an indicator to the mood of the overall setting.
Looking Deeper:
Third-person POV. Although this is the third Wilde book in the series, it can be read on it's own. However, it is my opinion that WILDE AT HEART would be more rewarding to read if read in order - since the characters are so tightly connected.
Reece: Second oldest Wilde brother. Computer Geek, non-athletic. Odd-man out, even in his own family. Disciplined, controlled, focused. Determined to do what it takes to make sure he and his brothers never have to struggle again.
Shelby: Labeled a trouble-maker, a jinx, irresponsible, a wild child. No one knows the dark secrets she hides. Even when she means well, things tend to run amok. She's sacrificed more than anyone knows and she hides her soul-shattering heartache behind her aloof and colorful persona.
Each have past demons, but when the past threatens their future, wedding bells present the perfect solution. Sort of.
Both leads are perfectly flawed individuals that make an entertaining couple. The secondary characters mostly consisted of the brothers and past characters, and some minor cross-over with HORNET. The dialogue is fresh, fun, smart, sassy and believable. The plot is well-layered and dynamic, with an even and smooth blend of suspense and romance. There are a few conflicts that are met in an efficient manner, but more often than not, their ways of dealing with conflicts were less than ideal. Predictability was moderate. I pegged her bad guy early on, but a secondary bad guy facing Reece was not foreseen. The conclusion of this story is solid, but leaves plenty of openings for Vaughn and Greer to begin their books. Overall, I was pleased with the book and thought it made a great addition to the Wilde brothers' books. I look forward to learning what's happening with Greer and discovering what'll happen when Vaughn finds Lark, which we all know will be inevitable.
** Side note: I love Poe and really wish he had the chance to shine more. This was truly his opportunity to prove himself to be something amazing, especially with how smart the breed is.
Heat Level: 4.25/ [R] ~ Score: 4.3 ~ Stars: 4

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