Wilde Magic

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Publisher Description

Off the grid and on the run since she was a teen, Sara Wilde has made a name for herself as an artifact hunter with an edge—finding the most magical treasures on the planet with the flip of a Tarot card.


But when she’s hired to steal a powerful fertility idol on the last night of Carnival, Sara discovers her rough-and-tumble skills are no match for the new, mysterious buyer she’s attracted. Rich, demanding, and sexy as sin, this Magician promises to be nothing but trouble. Yet, for what he’s willing to shell out for her services, Sara can afford the risk.


Or so she thinks.


As the danger—and the payoffs—mount, the power of Tarot leads Sara from the rollicking party of Rio de Janeiro to the grand historical cemeteries of Savannah, then on to the ostentatious museum halls of New York City. Meanwhile, the relentless Magician weaves an ever more seductive spell, hinting at a world she’s barely glimpsed.


To keep from getting burned by passion, power, or betrayal, Sara’s going to need some Wilde Magic.



Wilde Magic is the new series starter for the Immortal Vegas Series, which continues next with Getting Wilde. The opening adventure of Wilde Magic was previously published as the novella One Wilde Night. That story has been changed and expanded here, and leads Sara to all-new adventures to introduce the world of Immortal Vegas. 

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 31
Elewyn Press
Jennifer Stark

Customer Reviews

margot517 ,

Good book

Keeps your attention

Note Card: Free from LearnSmart ,

Amazing start to 18 book series!

WILDE magic is the revised intro book to a fantastic Urban Fantasy series featuring a clever and determined FMC by the name of Sara Wilde. A hunter of arcane artifacts using her trusty, never-fail tarot cards, Sara begins her adventures in Rio during Carnival in the most non-Indiana Jones way possible - oiled up amid an underground rave worshipping a pendant-wearing priestess. A pendant with mystical properties that people are literally dying for.

The Magician enters Sara’s job and life in a most intrusive manner: a mysterious voice, only in her head no less, which guides her on this most slippery job. And while undeniably intrigued (it IS a sexy as silk voice purring through their mind nudging her in the right direction), Sara is unnerved by all the mansplaining/psychicsplaining going on and blocks him out.

But meeting the Magician in real life is an even bigger trip. He ticks all the boxes for both trouble and fun: sexy, mysterious, wise and sexy. Did I mention sexy?

The Magician whisks Sara away into more alluring adventures and the foundation for a great Urban Fantasy series is set.
Immortal Vegas is an 18 book UF series, with several side stories and AMAZING supporting characters, including other members of the Arcane Council such as the Devil, the Fool and Death, as well as witches, demons, and the best friend a girl could ever ask for.
This is the book that got me interested in Urban Fantasy and now it’s leveled-up - now hotter, spicier, and even more clever.

Setra Seafarer ,

Wild beginnings

A wonderful reboot to one of my favorite paranormal series, expanding the previous beginning with more detail. Sara is an extraordinary artifact hunter who has been noticed by people and beings of power. There is magic, drama and an adult edge to new beginning that keeps you going wanting to see how Sara will get by the next endeavor.

With the mysterious Magician showing his cards building tension for what the future holds. He wants to know who Sara really is and she the same regarding him. The cards are dealt and lead me to want to start the adventure again.

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