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Wildswept: Book Seven of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga

Duty versus Desire

The Peace between the Saxons and Danes has collapsed. Viking forces led by the war-lord Haesten strike at will across borders. One more push will destroy Wessex. The Danish warriors settled under the Dane-law are tempted to join with these new invaders, wiping clear the game board as they seek full dominance of Angle-land.

Sidroc, having witnessed his son Hrald's victory at Four Stones, undertakes the perilous return to Gotland, a journey shadowed by the spirit of his long-dead uncle Yrling. Before his father's eyes Hrald has won the garrison fortress of Turcesig, but can he keep it?

Ceric, the son of Ceridwen, rides with Ælfred's ambitious son, Prince Eadward, in their wild pursuit of the invaders. After distinguishing himself in the field Ceric receives a startling order from the King, sending him to Four Stones. There Ashild and her mother Ælfwyn contend with the dual claims of duty and desire, and each come face to face with their past - and their future.


At Kilton in Wessex the young lord Edwin, just sixteen, is overwhelmed at the challenges before him both as a warrior and as a man. Yet he is unexpectedly entrusted with a secret which could shatter all he holds dear.

The fortresses of Kilton and Four Stones. What binds them together now threatens to tear them apart.

Fiction & Literature
October 15
Pyewacket Press
The Hall of Tyr AB

Customer Reviews

DaleFoss ,

Fantastic read

The previous six books are brought together as the characters have all grown and their interactions of the past and present unflold. There are some great surprises and reading this book will leave you wanting the next book to be revealed by this talented author, my favorite.

Galgo232323 ,

A must read

Amazing book! Just like the rest of the saga!

Didilynn ,

Another exciting adventure!

The saga continues as we catch up with our favorite characters and learn their fate along with the next generation, devoured this book in a few days time, and clamoring for the next ......LOVED IT.

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