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This book takes the reader on a journey through seven events in Biblical history that have taken place or will take place in the not too distant future.  These seven events are God’s appointed times called the Feasts of the LORD.  They are not seven Jewish feasts, they are not the seven feasts of Israel.  They are called the Feasts of the LORD (Lev. 23)  Therefore, they are NOT for a certain few, but for ALL mankind.

This book uses these seven feasts to connect the reader to the time when Christ will return for His church and there will be a wedding. (Rev. 19:7)  We don’t know when this wedding will take place, but we know Christ is coming back for His “glorious church without spot or wrinkle”. (Eph. 5:27 NLT)

Using Biblical scripture and personal true adventure stories during the feasts, the author describes how we are to prepare for this wedding.  Each chapter is like a marriage counseling session with the Holy Spirit and allows the reader to answer some insightful questions regarding their own lives.  The book will pull the reader into a place where they may have never been before.  This is a place where each one can be better prepared for the future that lies ahead.

The world is in turmoil, and you wonder, “When will the end come?”  The answer, “When God is ready and all in His timing.”  Are you prepared for the wedding?  Will you Take the Cup?

Sealed with a Kiss

Song of Solomon 1:2 

Because of His flaming love,

 Grace Valley

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November 7
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