Willed to Wed Him

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Her only choice is saying “I do” in this marriage romance set in New York by USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews.

Her father’s will is excruciatingly clear…
Marry—or lose everything!

To save her family legacy, Annika Schuyler must tie herself to the one man who infuriates her most. But though she knows intimidating Ranieri Furlan is marrying her in cold blood, he ignites a fire in her she never dreamed possible…

CEO Ranieri will fulfill his mentor’s dying wish, but no matter how much he desires innocent Annika, he can never love her. Yet behind the doors of his Manhattan penthouse, their convenient marriage becomes something more. Something that threatens to melt even this billionaire's frozen heart!

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.    

August 23
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Customer Reviews

EparReader ,

Loved it!!!

Review ARC provided by NetGalley and Harlequin in exchange for an honest review. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Rating 4.25 but had to give it a five for the second half and the epilogue was fantastic.

The first thirty percent of this story is tough going, well for me it was. A lot of dialogue inside their heads and telling of history of how they became aquatinted and connected. But I promise if you hang in there and get to the forty percent mark it picks up and takes off. It will be worth it.

Annika and Ranieri are connected through their father and his company/business. Ranieri came into Annika's life at around 16 years of age. Ranieri came to take over her fathers company and become CEO, Annika's father wanted to step down from his duties. Ranieri was beloved and vastly successful in the business world. Annika's father was in a car accident and for five years he was in a comma. We open with both Annika and Ranieri at the reading of her fathers will. And both where blindsided when the were informed that her father requested that they marry. If Ranieri wanted to keep the company and if Annika wanted to keep her beloved museum, the Schuyler house.

As I stated at the beginning, there is a lot of background and history that get's put out there in the beginning. I think it's needed to understand their relationship at the beginning and how each views the other. So with being said I want to state that the hero comes across like a jerk and you won't understand why he is the way he is till later on in the story. And Annika is absolutely perfect, I mean perfect for Ranieri. She pushes his button's and does it so well. She is a quirky and sweet, but strong and determined. Ranieri is controlled, alpha male. He like everything in its place and everything to look and behave perfectly. You will learn more about that later in the story. Now Annika lets him have his control and goes along with his program but has her moments of payback. As they agree to marry and stay married for one year.

These two slowly begin to soften and let down their walls as the wedding approaches. They compliment each other and bring out the good in each other as well. I will have to say that Caitlin Crew did a beautiful job on writing the wedding day and how these two interacted and the change that started to take place in their relationship.

The day of their wedding forward their relationship evolved and changed. They begin to open up and talk about their past and feelings. But Ranieri had a lot of baggage because of his parents. We learn they could win the worst parent award easily. And because of his past relationship with his parents and their parenting style, Ranieri is a by product of that lovely childhood.

Annika begins to understands why Ranieri is the way he is. And we learn a little more about Annika and her quickness and her reason for dressing the way she does.

Again from the point of the wedding day forward this love story blossoms. We get a heartfelt and deep emotional love story. And the best part, icing on the cake, was the epilogue. Boy does Caitlin Crew write a beautiful epilogue.

I wrestled with the rating on this at one point as I was reading I thought at 3.5 rating but as the story progressed it made up for and definitely upped this rating to a 4.25. But because of the epilogue I had to rate it a five star and not four.

So definitely recommended but with the warning of the beginning be a bit rocky and thought. At least for me it was. I think it could have been written a little smoother or differently. But all I forgiven as you delve in a little further into the story.

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