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Per Curiam. On the morning of November 11, 1970, Mrs. Frances Jean Forrest, a patient of Dr. W. D. Carter at Lisenby Hospital in Bay County, Florida, gave birth prematurely to a baby boy. A few hours later the baby died and that evening Mrs. Forrest died. As a result of his wife's death, Mr. William H. Forrest, the surviving husband and administrator, sued Dr. Carter and Lisenby Hospital for damages in Bay County Circuit Court. The action was commenced under the wrongful death statute, former F.S. 768.01-768.02, and the survival statute, F.S. 46.021. The complaint, as amended, alleged various acts of professional negligence in the treatment and care of the decedent. The liability insurance carriers were joined as parties defendants. The defendants answered, denied liability, and interposed affirmative defenses of contributory negligence and assumption of risk. Various motions and orders, directed to the pleadings and discovery, were made. A mass of discovery was had, and eight depositions were taken and filed. The defendants ultimately moved for summary final judgment. An expert witness affidavit was filed by the plaintiff. Thereafter, a hearing was had on February 27, 1973, at the conclusion of which the trial court granted the motions for summary judgments. Separate summary final judgments were entered in favor of Dr. Carter and Lisenby Hospital. Separate appeals were taken by the plaintiff from each of those summary judgments. We here consider the appeal taken from the summary final judgment in favor of Dr. Carter.

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