Willow's Doom Willow's Doom
#3 - Immortal Breeders

Willow's Doom

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Publisher Description

Embark on an exhilarating journey into a modern realm of fantasy romance where love and vengeance collide in unexpected ways.

I find myself unexpectedly tangled in a perilous game the moment I befriend the enigmatic and elusive Dragon King, Luca Lachman. My mission is to capture and imprison him, but soon, I realize that something much stronger has ensnared my heart.

Navigating the treacherous waters of our forbidden connection, Luca's seething hatred and promise of retaliation threaten to consume us both. Yet, against all odds, romance blossoms amidst the darkness, revealing a deep-seated desire that neither of us can deny.

Unable to bear witnessing Luca's torment any longer, I assist him in his daring escape, only to find myself held captive in his private chambers. The tables have turned, and I discover a shocking secret hidden within me, shattering the boundaries of trust and forever altering our fates.

In the face of adversity, can Luca conquer his thirst for vengeance and open his heart to forgiveness? Will Willow find the strength to challenge the lies that bind her and carve a different path forward? Brace yourself for a captivating tale that explores the boundaries of love, redemption, and sacrifice, where the destinies of humans and immortals intertwine in ways beyond imagination.

Willow's Doom (Immortal Breeders Book 3) is a mature paranormal romance with dark elements and a sinfully delicious, overly protective, dominant dragon shifter. Please read the foreword.

Willow's Doom can be read as a standalone, but to truly understand all the characters involved, it's best to read the series in order. Immortal Breeders is a spin-off from the Storm series. While you're not required to read the Storm series first, many of the characters from that series play intricate parts in the Immortal Breeders.

Reading order:

Storm Series

Forsaken Storm Prequel 

Forgotten Storm

Forbidden Storm

Fiery Storm

Fractured Storm

Fatal Storm

Final Storm... The Conclusion

Immortal Breeders:

Gemma's Fate

Calista's Destiny

Willow's Doom

Layla's Future (November 2024)

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 13
A.R. Vagnetti
Draft2Digital, LLC

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