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There are few hobbies that can compare with the delights of making your own wine. Using only natural ingredients; flowers, berries fruits, leaves and vegetables.

I am now well over 80 years old, a countryman through and through, I have been making wine since I was a young lad, following the practices and using the recipes that my parents and grandparents used - it's time I passed this knowledge on.

There is so much nonsense being written about home made wine these days, it's quite ridiculous In reality it is so very simple, anyone, given a little guidance can produce, full flavoured, delicious, clear natural wine that will delight you - and impress your friends.

It is so inexpensive too, costing only pennies for each bottle produced and you will find it tastes so much better than bought wines!

In my book I have fully explained: what to do,when you do it, how you do it and why you do it Each recipe is clear and concise, so very easy to understand and follow that a ten year old could make these wines (keep this book away from ten year olds!) you can't possibly go wrong.

If you are one of those people who have toyed with the idea of making wine, but have not got around to doing anything about it - this little book is for you!

I know you will be thrilled with your wines and you will probably enjoy gathering the ingredients almost as much - I know I do.

So go ahead, do yourself a favour, open a new hobby that will provide you with a great collection of interesting wine flavours - and give you a fantastic sense of satisfaction and pride. I guarantee you will always remember that first taste of your very own wine.

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May 12
The Countryman
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