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Does Wing Chun Suck?

In the 80s we had The Karate Kid. In the 2000s we have MMA.

Among MMA fighters, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu are among the most popular art forms.

Somehow, Wing Chun, also known as Wing Tsun or Ving Tsun depending on your lineage, has managed to stay afloat and remain quite popular.

Recently, this popularity can be attributed to the new Ip Man movies starring Donnie Yen.

Yet at the same time, it is well known that most people involved with the MMA community think Wing Chun is complete nonsense!

Joe Rogan famously called out Wing Chun for being ineffective.

Even Bruce Lee, considered to be the grandfather of MMA, said traditional styles and kata were ineffective - and he spent years learning Wing Chun from Ip Man himself!

So what’s the deal?

Is Wing Chun really as bad as people say it is?

In this book you will find out.

In this book we will expose outright lies people have been telling about Wing Chun - for example - did Bruce Lee really “throw away” his Wing Chun because he thought boxing and fencing would be more effective?

We will dispel these Bruce Lee myths. Not myths told by Bruce Lee himself, but myths propagated by those practicing his style in the MMA era.

We will also discuss in this book what Wing Chun REALLY is and HOW it can be applied in modern-day fighting - both in the street and in sport.

Hint: It does NOT involve chain-punching the air wildly.

The Gracies have famously showed the superiority of Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ), and this book will discuss how and why this is important for Wing Chun.

Finally, at the end of this book we will show you how to REALLY train. Contrary to the movies, you will not be practicing wooden dummy forms all day. Instead, our training regimen is inspired by the spirit of MMA and Jeet Kune Do.

To get an idea of what we’re really trying to say, think of a boxing workout. If you’ve never done it, take a free trial class in your area. You arms and your core will be very sore after the workout.

If you don’t train as hard as a boxer, you will not beat a boxer.

If you don’t kick as hard as a Muay Thai fighter and train to take kicks of the same hardness, you will not beat a Muay Thai fighter.

This is our philosophy.

Stop the nonsense about putting your foot at an exact 45 degree angle to generate the maximum force, and just FIGHT.

Fight and train as hard as the people you are fighting.

A simple and direct rule, for a martial art whose roots are simplicity and directness.

This book is about taking Wing Chun back to its roots, and not getting lost in the details.

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July 13
Master Tang
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